Future Students

Eureka is a place of opportunity

Eureka College students use our traditional, red-brick campus as a launch pad to take advantage of opportunity at every turn! Our centuries-long focus on excellence in learning, service and leadership means that our students are changing the world for the better.

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At Eureka, you will find the friendliness and comfort of a small campus community, coupled with the support and encouragement to take your learning outside the classroom and hold the world in the palm of your hands.

Eureka College strives to cultivate excellence in learning, service and leadership through the development of intellect and character. EC supports students’ pursuit of their values. Admission will not be withheld due to participation in peaceful protests.

What should I do now?

Are you interested in college athletics? Check out the Eureka Red Devil page!

The Uniquely Eureka Advantage

The Uniquely Eureka Advantage will make your decision to attend Eureka College even easier be cause NO other college will offer the commitments we are making to you. Hear from Eureka College President Jamel Santa Cruze Wright about these commitments will give you a #UniquelyEureka experience. 

Four Years or Free!

Eureka College is committed to helping all incoming first-year students graduate in four years. If students follow all guidelines and requirements and fail to graduate in four years, the fifth year will be tuition-free.


Tuition Freeze!

Tuition will be “frozen” for all four years for incoming freshmen. This commitment applies to students who are in good academic standing and continuously enrolled for four academic years or eight semesters.

Experiential Learning!

The third commitment offers all new students a $2,000 Experiential Learning Grant. The grant may support high-impact practices such as internships, mentorships, research or conference presentation or study-abroad opportunities. Students will be eligible for the grant after completing 45 credits hours at Eureka College.

International Travel!

We are more committed to offering study abroad opportunities to all students who choose to include this experience as part of their learning and service. Similar to the Experiential Learning Grant, students will work closely and under the guidance of faculty and staff and must have completed 45 Eureka College credit hours.


Campus Opportunities!

We are committed to offering all students opportunities to participate in a college activity, including music, theatre, athletics or student organizations. Students may also initiate their own activity or organization under Eureka College guidelines.

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