New Students – Experience Eureka: Orientation

Welcome to Experience Eureka

The entire Eureka College community is committed to making each student’s transition to college life as successful as possible.

During Experience Eureka, students will:

  • meet their peers
  • network with current students
  • learn about campus resources
  • activate email account (if not already done)
  • meet representatives from campus services & programs

During Experience Eureka: Orientation, families and guests will:

  • receive additional information about the college and resources
  • gain insight into the adjustments students and families will face during the next few years
  • become better acquainted with the campus and university personnel


First, be sure you have made your $200 enrollment deposit. Experience Eureka dates will not be held for any student until the Admissions Office has received the enrollment deposit. For your convenience, here’s our online Letter of Intent form or in PDF.

Second, join us for an Experience Eureka: Orientation session (registration is below). This half day session will provide you an opportunity to learn about resources on campus and ask questions to campus staff. Please note, before you’re eligible to register for a session, you are required to watch the Pre-Orientation videos found below. 

Experience Eureka: Orientation Registration is now available!

Registration for the Fall Semester is now available! View the Experience Eureka: Orientation schedule here.

  • CLOSED/SESSION IS FULL ThursdayJune 21, 2018 (Recommended for First Generation Students, but open to all students), 8 AM-12 PM
  • CLOSED/SESSION IS FULL Monday, July 16, 2018, 8 AM-12 PM
  • FridayJuly 27, 2018, 8 AM-12 PM

Immediately following your course registration appointment, students are able to take the MAT095R Placement Test. If students meet the minimum score of 80%, then they will test out of MAT095R and meet the math pre-requisite for many courses. If you decide to take this test, you may bring a non-graphing scientific calculator. Please note that no cell phones, smart watches, computers, notebooks, or other electronic devices are allowed. If you decide to take the MAT095R Placement Test, you will have a delayed check out time from Orientation. 

Prior to registering for Experience Eureka: Orientation, students are required to watch the Pre-Orientation videos below.  Our hope is that by watching these videos, students will understand the requirements necessary for registering for classes and learn about some of the resources found on campus.

After watching the Pre-Orientation videos there will be a short series of questions for you to answer. After answering all of the questions correctly a Next button will appear so you can proceed with registering for Experience Eureka: Orientation!

Now that you’ve watched all the Pre-Orientation videos, please answer the questions below related to the videos. Once you’ve answered the questions correctly, a button labeled “Next” will appear which will take you to the Orientation registration page.

Registration for Orientations has been closed. To set up a day to come to campus and register for classes, please contact the Admissions Office at 309-467-6825 or