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We Understand the Need for a Change

College is a time of discovery—and sometimes you discover that a different school is what you need. With small classes, excellent academics and a close-knit community with a rich heritage and tradition, Eureka College offers an unmatched environment for you to thrive. Whether transferring from a junior college or another four-year school, you will have access to the same scholarship levels and opportunities as students who started at EC as freshmen. Now that is Uniquely Eureka!

The Uniquely Eureka Promise offers qualifying transfer students an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. This Promise will cover the base tuition charge for incoming transfer students for four semesters who are Illinois residents and meet the academic and financial aid requirements of the promise.

Join our legacy and apply today! 

Important Transfer Student Information

  • Students must submit official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities attended as part of the application process.
  • Transfer Students should have transferable GPA of at least 2.0. A transcript evaluation will determine your transferable GPA.
  • Credits require a grade of “C” or better in transferable courses from recognized colleges and universities.
  • Transfer students who have earned less than 24 transferable semester hours will be evaluated based on high school work and ACT/SAT results in addition to college work completed.
  • Transfer students who have earned more than 24 transferable semester hours will be evaluated for admission based on college work alone.
  • Eureka College is part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative which has outlined a common set of transferable general education requirements.
  • Courses taken under this agreement will transfer to Eureka and satisfy specific requirements toward your baccalaureate degree.
  • Eureka College will accept up to 68 hours of credit from two-year institutions. Students entering with 68 credits or a completed Associate’s degree will enter the Junior class.
  • Eureka College will accept up to 90 hours of credit from four-year institutions.

For more information about transferring to Eureka College please see our Transfer Handbook. Inside you’ll find a suggested 2- year community college course schedule, mock Eureka College degree audits, and more!

Already at a community college? See if your Community College Course Equivalency Guide is below.

Community College Course Equivalency Guides

Use the course equivalency guides below to see how the courses you are taking now will transfer to Eureka College.

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