Tuition & Fees

Overview for 2019-2020

  Resident Commuter
Tuition $26,650 $26,650
Room* $4,735
Board $5,125
Activity Fees* $240 $240
TOTAL $36,750 $26,890

*Above totals are for full-time students.

*Fees are estimated and are subject to change.

We keep our costs and scholarships transparent so that Eureka College is accessible and affordable for the next generation of world leaders.

Room Fee Structure for 2019-2020

Room Cost per year
Double room (with roommate) in Founders $4,190
Double room (with roommate) in Alumni $4,735
Double room (with roommate) in Arnold $5,205
Double room (with roommate) in Gunz $5,205
Double room as Single in Founders $6,745
Double room as Single in Alumni $7,860
Double room as Single in Arnold $9,510
Double room as Single in Gunz $9,510
Single room in Langston $6,910

*Room rates vary by selected residence hall.



  Cost per year
19-Meal Plan $5,125
Block Plans $5,095

Other General Fees


  Cost per year
Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit, New Students Only (Credit Towards Tuition) $200
Refundable Housing Deposit $100
Summer Courses, per Semester Hour $615
Applied Music Fee (Estimate) $190
Student Teaching Fee (Estimate) $620
Health Care Services, Student Co-pay $15
Readmission Fee $200
Returned Check Fee $25
Senior Citizen Credit/Discount, per Semester Hour $75
Athletic Insurance Fee (Estimate):  
Football $600
Basketball, Volleyball, & Soccer $330
All Other Sports $240
Student Health Insurance (Estimate):  
Fall and Spring Semester $2050