MAT095 Elementary and Intermediate Algebra

June 8, 2020 - July 3, 2020
(8 week online course)

Instructed by:  Professor Kathleen Bell


Math not your best subject?  If you were able to take your ACT or SAT check your Math scores.  If your ACT Math score was 22 or below and/or your SAT math score was 550 or below, you NEED this course.  If your scores were 23 and/or 560, you do NOT need this course.  If you did not take precalculus or Algebra with trigonometry in high school, you NEED this course. 


This course is somewhat self-paced.  If you are comfortable with topics, you can speed through those and spend more time mastering the more difficult topics.  This course does not give you college credit, but it is a required course for any Scientific Literacy Essentials course.  You might as well take it for free, and give yourself a head-start and a confidence boost going into future college math classes! This course is also a required prerequisite for courses in the following majors: Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Education, Kinesiology, Mathematics and Psychology.  The course is graded Pass/Fail.


Students will learn the following foundational math topics, arithmetic of signed numbers, order of operations, simplifying algebraic expressions, solution of linear equations, and inequalities; rules of exponents, addition, subtraction, and multiplication of polynomials, factoring, solution of quadratic equations by factoring, and reducing inequalities; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational expressions, long division of polynomials, solution of fractional equations, and variations; negative and fractional exponents, radicals, solution of quadratic equations, and complex numbers; and Cartesian coordinates, graphs of linear equations and inequalities, distance formula, slope, equations of lines, solutions of systems of linear equations in two unknowns and inequalities.