At Eureka, “The Proof is in the Doing”

Jan 24 2018

By Mike Murtagh.

I am often asked, ‘What is the difference between Eureka College and other schools?’ It’s a great question and I often have a quick answer. I tell people it’s all about the doing.

It’s a small word and it’s not found on any college standardized test but, its importance cannot be overstated. The difference between Eureka College and other schools is that at EC you get to do a lot of stuff. Here is an example of what I mean: on any football Saturday at EC, 35 percent of the student body is in the game. They are not watching the game, they are actively participating in the game as players, cheerleaders, musicians, dancers, trainers, concessions staff, working the chains or announcing the game. They are doing something. 

It is the doing that provides opportunities to gain confidence. It is the doing that gives you the desire to want to do more and to try new things. Confidence is then the motivator to push you to achieve your goals. 

If you add the affirmation you receive from professors who have the highest credentials in their field, it’s easy to see why Eureka College students are so well prepared to compete in the world. Confidence derived by doing and affirmed by professors and mentors who have succeeded in their fields is a powerful catalyst for success in life.

So what’s the proof you ask? Well, that too, is easy. The resume of a college is its graduates, and for 163 years Eureka College has been graduating men and women who continue to be doers. They are good moms and dads. People of character and integrity. They are teachers and business people. Lawyers and doctors, people of service. Good citizens. My own medical doctor graduated from Eureka College. One graduate even became President of the United States. 

The proof is in the doing. It’s been working at Eureka College for 163 years. Do more, be more, try more and succeed more. It works and I can prove it.

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