Q&A With International Admissions Counselor Stella Wang

Nov 29 2017

By Jack Cascone

Stella Wang is one of Eureka College’s new admissions counselors and is also the first international counselor for EC. This week I interviewed Stella to catch up and examine her role in the admissions office and how she plans to help potential international students.

What is your role at Eureka College?

My role as International Admissions Counselor is an important part of the uniquely Eureka experience. I travel and represent Eureka abroad, while making connections with faculty, staff and students of different institutions. My goal is to help students discover Eureka and encourage them to see if Eureka College is the right place for them. Once a student has begun to look at Eureka, I help them through all of the steps required including applying, financial aid and completing all of the needed forms to study in the United States. I am also here to guide students once they have arrived on campus. In fact, I just came back from a recruitment trip in Asia.

What is unique about my job is that I also educate international students and families on higher education in the United States. For example, some parents in China had never heard of a liberal arts college before — let alone Eureka College. So my role is to be a bridge and to connect them with the exceptional education experiences we offer here.

Why is your role important for bringing international students to EC?

My role is important because I help internationalize our Eureka community, including reaching out to potential international students, helping them get transitioned on campus and building a more international and diverse campus. I believe we are a campus that is full of opportunity and we are a good place for students who have international visions. By having international students on campus, we are able to bring the cultural awareness and global learning to another level. For the international students, studying at EC will be the life-changing educational experience that you’re looking for.

Also — I was an international student that studied in the U.S. I know what is important to the international students and their families when they are choosing schools. International students can struggle on American campuses and I know how to help and work with them because I was in their shoes not too long ago. All of that motivates me every day, more than anything else, to be the bridge between Eureka College and the international students.

What do you love about Eureka College?

I love Eureka for all the opportunities it has given me and those around me. With Eureka, I have a job that allows me to travel and make new friends while I help students discover our college!

Is there any last message that you feel potential international students need to know?

We are a small liberal arts college that will provide the opportunities that you will not find anywhere else.  You can develop so much in a community like Eureka. The faculty and staff are here to help you achieve success and you will find friends that last a lifetime. The academic development, personal growth, meaningful friendships and personal attention you will find at EC are amazing, especially when you’re studying 10,000 miles away from home!

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