Reagan Leadership Program 101

Jan 16 2018

By Jonathan Troyer

We’re often asked about full-tuition scholarships. Eureka College is a small liberal arts college that competes in athletics at the NCAA Division III level. Eureka provides a program that provides not only a paid tuition, but also two paid internships. The program was founded by President Ronald Reagan during his first term of presidency. There are a few stipulations to being a Reagan Fellow, including living on campus, maintaining a grade point average above a 3.0 and embracing the College’s core values.

The program is only open to incoming freshmen. The selection process for the fellowship starts with submitting the application that includes having three references and writing three short essays. Each of your references will also need to submit a letter of recommendation. The application and reference letter submission forms are at Those that are selected as semifinalists will attend a two-day competition consisting of a meet-and-greet, an interview and a group project. Those who are selected as finalists will have a phone interview to complete the selection process.

The Reagan Fellowship offers ample opportunities. Here are a couple experiences from current Reagan Fellows:

“This past Reagan Retreat, we did an exercise where we built a ‘house’ on paper using our values, dreams, strengths, coping mechanisms, accomplishments, and what was important to us. It’s been my favorite exercise we’ve done at a Reagan Retreat, because we got to know each other so much better and connected deeply. It was very humbling and empowering at the same time to be so vulnerable with each other, and it made me really feel like I’m apart of a group that really cares about me, cares about each other, and really cares about their community and their world.” ~Riley Francis, junior Reagan Fellow

“The Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program has provided me with an array of opportunities geared towards advancing my skills as a leader and citizen. Personally, this has been accomplished through the Program’s focus on giving back to one’s community and leading by example through dynamic action. These values are vital for me as a future educator given how important it is that teachers actively support their students’ success in the classroom and beyond. Thus, I see a direct connection between experiences within the Program and my future career, and I am grateful for these learning opportunities.” ~Jacob Doan, sophomore Reagan Fellow

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