My Recruitment Week Experience: Greek Life

Feb 27 2018

By Jonathan Troyer.

Greek Life is one of the most exciting aspects of student life on a college campus. Movies like Neighbors and Total Frat Movie have highlighted some good and bad aspects of Greek Life. Greek Life at Eureka, for the most part, is not near as crazy as either of these movies. Eureka is home to six organizations, three fraternities –Lamba Chi Alpha, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Delta Sigma Phi – and three sororities – Delta Zeta, Delta Delta Pi, and Phi Omega.  All of the fraternities are national organizations, while Delta Zeta is the only sorority on campus that is national. Tau Kappa Epsilon is most famous for President Ronald Reagan.

Springtime is formal recruitment at Eureka, while at most other schools it is in the fall. During the week-long bidding process, all six houses host recruitment parties to highlight their organization. The parties happen on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, where one sorority and one fraternity will have a party on each day. On Thursdays, the sororities have preference parties. Friday is the big day! After potential new members select which house they want to be a part of and the houses select who they want as their future members, the houses pick up their new members at their rooms. From there, the new members go through their education process which teaches them what it means to be a part of their organization.

“Recruitment week can be a stressful week for everyone involved. Potential new members are looking for a home and active sisters are looking for the right new members to join their house. However, when you get picked up by your new sisters, it is one of the best feelings in world. I will forever remember my best friends in the house running to hug me when they picked me up.” — Kathryn Summers, Freshman Delta Zeta New Member

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