What Happens After Graduation? Your Guide to Becoming Eureka College Alumni

May 10 2018

The dust has finally settled on the 2017-18 academic year at Eureka College. On May 5, more than 130 students earned their degrees and joined the ranks of nearly 8,000 EC alumni as part of the 157th Commencement ‘Neath the Elms.

So what now? The journey at Eureka College for those that graduated Saturday doesn’t have to be over. Here are 10 things every new Eureka College graduate should know.

Stay in touch

Good news: As an alum you now have access to the Maroon and Gold electronic newsletter. Contact Alumni Relations and be sure to update your contact information today!

We are always looking for news about what you are up to in your life these days. Help us all stay in touch and stay connected by providing info as to what’s new. Where are you now? New job? Recently married? New baby? Fun story? Send it to us! We’d love to hear!

Get involved: Alumni groups and networks

Eureka College is known for having an active student body. More than 75 percent of Eureka College students are involved in one or more activities. Stay involved! It doesn’t have to be any different as an alum.

Come back to campus, be a mentor or even attend a college fair in your area to promote Eureka. There are many ways to get involved.

Eureka College hosts events around the country. Visit the Eureka Alumni Events page and mark your calendars!

Looking for a job?

Keep in touch with the Eureka College Career Center. It’s not limited to students. The mission of the Career Services Office is to provide students and alumni of Eureka College with the best available resources for preparing for and finding employment in today’s world through access to job fairs, workshops and access to Internet Services.

Get your transcripts

Many employers will ask to see an official transcript before hiring. To order your transcript online or in person, visit the Office of the Registrar. Remember, your diplomas will be arriving in the mail within the next 4–6 weeks.

Come home!

When you come back to visit, stop by and see Alumni Relations Director Shellie Schwanke in the Alumni Office to get your alumni mug and the latest info on campus events. Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2018! Homecoming 2017 is October 5-6.

Expand our social media presence

The easiest place to stay up to date is through social media:

Alumni Facebook or EC Facebook

Alumni Twitter or EC Twitter


Alumni Instagram or EC Instagram


Eureka College email

Did you know you can continue to use your eureka.edu email address? Simply stay active and check the account and you will have unlimited access to your college account. (It will be deactivated after 6 months of no activity.)

Gear up

Check out the Eureka College Bookstore to get your Eureka College gear for the office.

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