Business Office


Burrus Dickinson 101

Office Hours: 8am–4pm

Eureka College
Business Office
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530-1500
Telephone: 309-467-6305
Toll Free: (800) 548-9144
Business Office Contacts

Marc Pasteris
Vice President for Finance and Facilities
Chief Financial Officer
(309) 467-6305

Craig Maynard
(309) 467-6307

Melody Mounts
Director of Human Resources
(309) 467-6312

Sandi Gourley
Accounting Clerk
(309) 467-6308

Tammy Crothers
Student Account Manager
(309) 467-6309

Elizabeth Collingwood
Senior Compliance Accountant
(309) 467-6388

Eureka College is a non-profit institution. Tuition, fees and other general charges paid by the student cover less than two-thirds of the college’s instructional and operational expenses. The EC Business Office processes, records, maintains, and reports in a timely manner, the financial transactions of the College to internal and external users while complying with applicable statutes, rules, and governing regulations.

Are you a parent or student? Read our compiled list of frequently asked questions.

Check Cashing

  • Personal checks may be cashed at the Business Office ($100 limit) and at the Bookstore ($25 limit)

Student Accounts

  • Tuition, Fees, Room, Board and other charges are invoiced through the Business Office by the Student Account Manager. (Exception: books or supplies purchased at the Eureka College Bookstore must be paid for at the time of purchase).
  • Monthly statements are mailed whenever there is a balance due on the student’s account except if payment is being made to Tuition Management Systems and is current.

Payment of Student Accounts

Payment Methods:

  1. Online: going through your Eureka College student’s SonisWeb account and choosing the account/billing tab. This is the preferred method, using debit or credit card.
    The student username and password are needed. The student’s choosing to share that information with the payer of your account is their decision. Eureka College cannot and will not share student log in information with any other individual.
  2. In person: visit the Business Office located in Burrus Dickinson Hall (M–F 8am–4pm)
  3. By mail: send check or money order to Eureka College Business Office, 300 East College Avenue, Eureka, IL 61530
  4. By phone: call Business Office at 309-467-6309 with a credit or debit card

Payment Options:

  1. Pay in FULL: Pay Eureka College in full. Semester 1 (fall) due date of August 15th; Semester 2 (spring) due date of January 15th.
  2. TWO payment plan – Pay two equal payments to Eureka College. Semester 1 (fall) due dates of ½ balance due August 15th and remaining ½ due October 1st; Semester 2 (spring) due dates of ½ balance due January 15th and remaining ½ due March 1st.
  3. Monthly payments through Tuition Management Systems. If choosing this option, contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 or to enroll. (There is an enrollment fee for this service and you must enroll by August 15th. If students/families do NOT enroll in the monthly pay plan, Eureka College will automatically expect the TWO pay option was chosen.

If you prefer a printable copy, download payment options information and a cost worksheet as a PDF.

Finance Charges

  • Finance Charges will be assessed to all accounts greater than 30 days outstanding, except for Students and Parents participating in TMS.
  • The rate is 12% annually.
  • $100 late fee assessed at 7 days past due.
  • The assessment will continue until the balance is paid in full.


Student Accident & Medical Insurance

ALL students are required to carry personal health insurance. Students are required to waive out or enroll in the Eureka College student insurance plan by going online to, select Eureka College and click on either “Enroll Now-Health Insurance” or “Waive your School’s Health Insurance.”

If the student is covered by a personal health and accident insurance policy, the student does not need to purchase the College sponsored insurance plan, however is required to complete and submit an Insurance Waiver Form online at

If the student is not covered by a personal health and accident insurance policy the student is required to purchase the College’s Plan by completing and submitting an Insurance Enrollment form online at The premium for the plan will be added to your tuition bill. Once enrolled, there are no refunds or cancellations except entry into the armed forces.

The annual premium cost for 2015-16 for the Eureka College Student Insurance underwritten by UnitedHealthcare is $1550 for the period beginning August 1, 2015 and ending August 1, 2016. If you choose not to enroll by waiving out on-line before the enrollment deadline, you will not be eligible to enroll again until the following school year unless you experience a “qualifying life event” during the year. Spring/Summer coverage is only offered to new incoming Spring students. Visit for more information.

If at any time, your employer or insurance company requires “proof or verification of student status” please contact the Eureka College Records Office and they will process any and all appropriate documentation.

Athletic Insurance

The NCAA requires students participating in inter-collegiate athletics to purchase additional insurance coverage. This coverage is mandatory for all Eureka College athletes. If a student is involved in more than one athletic program, the student does not have to pay a fee for each. The highest applicable Athletic Insurance fee will be posted to the student’s account and must be paid. Rates for the 2015/16 school year are estimated at this time and are subject to change upon the renewal policy: Football $250, Basketball/Soccer $150, All other sports $125.

Short-term Emergency Student Loans

Short-term student loans are provided to students in emergency situations, they are required to be repaid within two months or by the end of the current semester, whichever comes first.

There is an application process and a $1 processing charge.

Annual Audited Financial Statements and Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax

Audited financial information and informational tax return on the College may be requested through the Business Office at 309-467-6305 or in person.