Chaplain’s Office

Chaplain Bruce Fowlkes

Connecting With Your Faith At Eureka


I’m Bruce Fowlkes, and I’m honored to be called as the Chaplain of Eureka College.  The college is an extraordinary place, rich in history, but more importantly a college moving strongly and faithfully into a glowing future.  Just as the college moves, so do our students—strongly and faithfully into a bright future for which EC prepares them.

Why am I here at Eureka College, serving in campus ministry?  What better ministry could there be?  I’m living out my life-calling, helping others discover their life-calling!  There is no richer time of discovery for young adults, and I love nothing more than being right in the middle of it.  So much happens in four years here at Eureka College, and so it will be for you.

All of us are seekers of deeper meaning, and some of us bring a faith tradition with us to EC.  As chaplain, my charge is to honor those traditions and help you own your tradition for yourself, to help you connect with your deeper sources of meaning, to insist that you become more articulate about your faith.  In that way Eureka College is a faith-centered community, building life-long learners able to take one step deeper to find one’s own faith-center.

In this place, for over 150 years, emerging leaders have discerned lives of deeper meaning.  Because we create, honor and celebrate a safe environment for a plurality of traditions, your faith can flourish. Are you ready to take one step deeper?


What does it mean to attend a Disciples-related college?

The biggest questions matter the most. That’s what a Disciples liberal arts education is about, to me. How does one’s deepest held values, beliefs and understandings bring clarity and passion to life? In other words, what is the purpose? The purpose to a career, the purpose of community, the purpose of politics, of religion, of citizenship, of art, and so on. Is purpose just to bring flavor and happiness to my life, or is there a greater good? These questions matter! Purpose questions shape civilizations, and they shape how we live our lives, everyday.


Reflection from Chaplain Bruce

I have started publishing my reflections on Read my latest article, titled A Tumble in the Grass.

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