Reagan Family

 John Neil Reagan

Eureka Alum (1929-1933) – Radio Station Manager, CBS Senior Producer, and Senior Vice President Of McCann-Erickson

“Ron came home at the end of his first year with the news that he had it all fixed for me. I would have a scholarship at the school and he had a job for me ‘hashing’ at the girls dormitory so I’d have three meals a day. He said he’d have me pledged to the fraternity he belonged to. I laughed and said, ‘You got to be out of your mind!'” – Neil Reagan

Not only did Neil join Ron the following semester, but he ended up “hashing” at that girls dorm, he played on the EC football team, and he became Prytanis of the TKE chapter in 1930. Neil “Moon” Reagan ended up agreeing with his younger brother Ron that Eureka College was an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

“Moon” Reagan graduated in 1933 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He followed his brother to California, just as he had followed him to Eureka, and established a very successful and distinguished career as a television producer and advertising executive. He served as president of both the Hollywood and Los Angeles advertising clubs, as well as served on numerous community and professional boards including, but not limited to: the Crippled Children’s Society of Los Angeles, the Kennedy Child Study Center in Santa Monica, and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. He retired from McCann-Erickson in 1973 as senior vice-president.


Beyond Eureka: A Loyal Alumnus

Neil and his wife Bess, who still resides in California, took an active interest in the welfare of Eureka College. They were generous supporters of the Melick Library Fund and the Reagan Physical Education Center. Neil served two terms as trustee of the college before his death in December 1996. Reagan even “stomped” the world for EC, traveling to Japan to meet with President Nakasoni on a Eureka College fund-raising tour.

“He (President Nakasoni) told me to show up at this hotel for a reception. And, when I got there, there were all of these wealthy Japanese businessmen waiting for me. An emcee got up on stage and began speaking to the crowd in Japanese. He was all excited and so were they. Then the man pointed to me and spoke in English. He asked me to come up on stage and explain my cause.”

Reagan did, and a large donation for EC and a continuing relationship with Japanese students materialized.

Giving back – A Reagan Brother tradtion.