The Ronald Reagan Museum

Reagan Museum items

The museum is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome.

During the school year:
Monday–Friday 8am–9pm
Saturday 10am–6:00pm
Sunday 12–9pm
(Closed Holidays)

Throughout summer:
Monday–Friday 8am–4pm
Saturday 10am–2pm
(Closed Sundays and Holidays)

General or touring information:
Student Services
(309) 467–6407
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Keeping the legacy alive

Housed in the Donald B. Cerf Center, the Reagan Museum at Eureka College features a collection of over 2,000 items from President Reagan’s student days at Eureka, his movie and television career, his eight years as Governor of California, his campaign for presidency, and his two terms in office. At the request of Mr. Reagan, the first items in the collection came to the College in 1975. It is now the largest collection of Reagan memorabilia outside of the Reagan library in California.

Collection Facts

There are nearly 1,000 pieces on display at any given time. Items of special significance capture the history of Reagan’s life from his childhood through his presidency. The Reagan family made the two largest primary donations to the Museum in 1975 and 1980. Items arrive on an almost daily basis from donors around the world as the value of this accessible collection continues to grow.

Exploring The Museum

Artifacts and documents are arranged to highlight Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments throughout his illustrious life and career. From humble beginnings to political genius, each case displays items that capture the essence of Ronald Reagan. Quotes on the walls in maroon and gold (school colors) are taken directly from President Reagan. White and maroon plaques near the ceiling offer a time line of life events. Be sure to sign our guest book and visit the college bookstore for memorabilia items.

Reagan Museum layout