Career Planning & Choosing a Major

Career Planning Information and Guidance—mapping out your future direction

Students often find that declaring a major or deciding on a career field is quite difficult. There are so many interesting choices in the world of work today that it is difficult to choose just one. The Career Development Office offers the opportunity to do some career exploration and planning using standard tools of the trade (inventories) and one-on-one career planning counseling. Inventories assist the student in determining strengths, weaknesses, values, and most all, interests. Once interest, values, and skills are identified, the field of study can be explored that would best fit the student’s profile.
Some of those fields of study can be explored by using:



Are you still trying to decide on a major? Are you wondering what career opportunities work well with your major? This site will help to answer many of your questions as well as give you strategies to be stand out in your preferred career field. Click the link below to explore your options: 



Inventories offered

Holland’s Self-Directed online inventory can be finished in 20-30 minutes. Once scored, a session with Career Services will explain the R,I,A,S,E,C letters and provide some direction on how to learn more about careers that fit the SDS Profile. Career Development can provide login codes at no charge. Contact The Career Development Office for more information. 

Holland’s Self-Directed Search Inventory

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Illinois workNet is a website funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. This website provides a no cost career cluster inventory, interest profiler, skills profiler, work importance locator, and other career guidance and assessments. 

Illinois workNet

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Please call, email, or visit The Career Development Office for assistance with any assessment or for more information. 

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