Internships are an excellent way to learn more about your chosen field, to gain practical working experience, to make network contacts, and to build your résumé. Internships receive college credit when registered as a class. Internship credit may be obtained at two levels, 295 and 495, as follows:

  • 295: Student must have a minimum 2.25 GPA and six hours of class work in the major area of study.
  • 495: Student must have a minimum 2.25 GPA and 12 hours of class work in the major area of study, with at least 6 hours of which must be at the 300 level.

All students may earn up to 16 hours of credit through internships, but these hours do not count toward completion of a major or a minor (see the College Catalog for any exceptions). Hours of credit are determined by the number of hours the student works on the internship: one hour of credit for every 40 hours worked. Internships being done for academic credit are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Students are also encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the Director of Career Development to discuss other resources and information available to help in finding and securing an internship. Internships can also be obtained through faculty, friends, or other contacts. All students desiring an internship must complete an agreement form. Make an appointment with Career Services to map out your approach to an internship. Internships being done for academic credit must be pre-approved prior to the beginning of the internship experience.

All necessary paperwork must be submitted prior to the final day to add courses to one’s schedule. Students should be advised that it is completing the required internship paperwork late could impact financial aid and a student’s account. Thus, it is recommended that all paperwork be completed early in the prior semester before the internship experience will take place.

Note: Summer internship hours are NOT covered in Fall & Spring tuition costs. They require an additional cost of $500 per semester hour.

Just SOME of the places Eureka students have worked as interns:

Ag Lab – Peoria, IL (Sciences)
Caterpillar – Peoria, IL (Business/Accounting)
Cedar Creek – Minnesota (EHS)
Compass Counseling – Bloomington, IL (Counseling)
Disney – Florida (Business/Communications/Theater/Music/Finance/etc.)
Easter Seals – Peoria, IL (Various therapies/Business/etc.)
ELM – Peoria, IL (Risk management)
Eureka College (Athletics/Business/Library/Music/etc.)
Fairbury American Legion Speedway – Fairbury, IL (Business)
Five Points – Washington, IL (Exercise science/Comm/Business/etc.)
Grace Church – Morton, IL (Counseling)
GPEDC (Greater Peoria Economic Development Council) – Peoria, IL (Business/Communications/Marketing)
Graham Hospital (Exercise Science/etc.)
Huebner Seeds – Indiana (Agri-business)
IHSA – Bloomington, IL (Business Administration)
JC Health & Fitness (Exercise Science/Kinesiology)
Kansas City Chiefs NFL – Kansas City, MO (Athletics/etc.)
Mississippi State University (Athletics)
Magic Blue Box – Bloomington, IL (Art)
Mastadon State Historic Site – Missouri (EHS)
Maui Jim – Peoria, IL (Business/Sales/Finance/etc.)
McHenry County Conservation District – Woodstock, IL (EHS)
McHenry Sheriffs Dept. – Woodstock, IL (Criminal Justice)
Mind Oasis, LLC – Peoria, IL (Counseling)
Pearce Community Center – Chillicothe, IL (Exercise Science)
Peoria Chiefs – Peoria, IL (Athletics/Business/Communications/Marketing/etc.)
Peoria County Sheriff – Peoria, IL (Criminal Justice)
Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center – Peoria, IL (Crim. Justice/Juvenile Justice)
Peoria Rivermen – Peoria, IL (Athletics/Business/Communications/Marketing/etc.)
Peoria Riverfront Museum – Peoria, IL (Communications/Business/Film/Finance/Education/etc.)
State Farm – Bloomington, IL (Business/Finance/etc.)
University of Illinois College of Medicine – Peoria, IL (Sciences)
Unity Point – Peoria, IL (Business/Therapies/etc.)
Woodford County Sheriff – Eureka, IL (Criminal Justice)