Eureka Student Life

At Eureka, education is a total experience of living and learning, combining academic responsibilities with programs outside the classroom. The College community is dedicated to providing quality growth experiences which enhance the development of the student as an informed, contributing member of society. Many activities outside the classroom are available at Eureka, and students are encouraged to participate in those which will best complement their educational experiences.

Eureka College assumes the mature and responsible citizenship of its students. The College believes this citizenship is best realized through personal freedom of each individual, as well as the community building efforts of students, faculty and staff. College standards recognize that duties and responsibilities go with freedom to insure that rights of the College and those of students thrive in an environment of learning and personal growth. Students assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the purpose and principles of the College. Student behavior should be such that concern for other persons is displayed. At a minimal level this means that no conduct on the part of any individual or group should cause harm to others or seriously inconvenience others. At a more mature level, the principle of concern for others means thoughtful and helpful behavior toward other persons. In any community setting, it is necessary to agree on boundaries within which individual behavior is acceptable.

General regulations governing student life are found in the Student Handbook. Enrollment at Eureka College is considered an implicit declaration of acceptance on the part of the student of College regulations, both academic and social. College regulations support local, state and Federal laws and are in compliance with the Drug-Free Community and Schools Act of 1989, the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, and the Campus Security Act of 1990.

Student Programs and Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Student Programs and Services department supports Eureka College’s mission of excellence in learning, service, and leadership by providing co-curricular educational opportunities for the student body. Through working in collaboration with various campus departments, we provide services, support, and programs which positively impact retention and create environments and experiences that support diversity and the ideals on which Eureka was founded. The SPS department works with students to achieve the desired outcomes of individual growth, leadership development, civic engagement, and academic, personal, and professional success.

Letter from the Student Body President

Dear Eureka College Community,

My name is Claire Cooley and I have the honor to serve as your Student Body President Welcome to Eureka College. After three years, I can say I would do it all over again. Eureka has given me so much as I know it has for so many students, faculty, and staff. I have made lifelong friends, I have been pushed to heights I never imagined for myself, and I have seen myself become who I wanted to be. For those who are returning this year, I want to say how excited I am to get to know all you better and I hope we can all embody a spirit of inclusion for those of you who are calling Eureka home for the first time! You are going to have some of your happiest memories as well as some of your hardest moments here. For me, Eureka was the perfect environment to do the hard work of becoming who I was meant to be. I hope this place can do the same for you all.

Eureka is built on learning, both within the classroom and outside of it. You will have the opportunity to learn under some amazing (and extremely qualified) professors. You will be able to get to know your professors better than you ever thought. You will have the opportunity to join organizations, athletic teams, Greek societies, and much more. I encourage all of you to come in with an open mind to everything. Listen to the stories and wisdom of your peers and mentors. You never know what potential other might see in you that you have yet to see in yourself.

Above all, I hope you are able to call Eureka your home, like so many have before me, and like so many will after us. This is a community that wants every individual to succeed. Some type of failure inevitably accompanies success. We all face some trials along the road. The beauty of Eureka is that we pick each other up, time and time again. As the year progresses, please feel free to contact myself or any other member of Student Senate about any concerns you may have. Our foremost priority is to represent each other and to collaborate in making our home the best home it can be.


Yours ‘neath the elms,

Claire Cooley

Student Body President 2016-2017