New Member Resources

Joining a Greek Life Organization at Eureka College will help you gain leadership skills, make life-long friends, and stay active within the EC community. Before joining an organization, review the information below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Greek Life Advisor, Abigail Bradley at or 309-467-6436.

When can I join a Greek organization?

Students who enter Eureka College as a freshman in the fall must wait until their spring semester of their freshman year to go through Recruitment. Returning students and transfer students may join a Greek organization in the fall semester during informal recruitment.

What is the difference between a local chapter and a national chapter?

Eureka College’s Greek Life is very unique in that we have two local sororities and one national sorority as well as three national fraternities. Each chapter has their own set of values and a distinct mission statement, but the local chapters exist only at Eureka College whereas the nationally affiliated organizations have chapters elsewhere.

What is Greek Council?

Greek Council is the governing body of all Greek organizations on campus. Each Greek house holds a position on Greek Council so that all houses are represented. Greek Council plans Recruitment, Greek Week, and any other activities related to the whole Greek community.

Will my grades be affected if I join a Greek organization?

The Greek chapters at Eureka College pride themselves on having a higher GPA average than the non-Greek average. All chapters encourage study hours within the house and even plan study halls with other chapters across campus. Scholastic achievement is a value of Greek Life at Eureka College so your grades will be a priority when joining a chapter.

What are the requirements to join a Greek chapter?

Each Greek chapter on campus has specific values they look for in new members and each require a certain minimum GPA. Chapters look for potential new members who have good character and would represent their chapter well. The minimum GPA requirement to go through the recruitment process is a 2.25 cumulative.

Does Eureka College have any NPHC or Latino Fraternal Organizations?

There are no NPHC or Latino Fraternal Organizations on campus currently. Eureka College used to be home of a few NPHC chapters and we are very open to re-chartering those organizations! If you are interested in re-charter an NPHC organization or charter a Latino Fraternal Organization, please contact the Office of Student Life.

How much does membership cost?

Each chapter has a different amount of dues per semester. Dues cover social events, membership fees, badge fees (if applicable), and any other fee associated with membership.

Resources for Parents/Guardians

Looking to learn more about sororities and fraternities? Visit the pages listed below to learn more about the organizations your student wants to join!

Sorority Resources:

The Sorority Life

National Panhellenic Council


Fraternity Resources:

Interfraternity Council

Fraternity Executives Association