Leadership Education

Eureka College Leadership Ambassadors

The Eureka College Leadership Ambassadors strive to promote leadership excellence on campus. Leadership Ambassadors remain informed and prepared, educating themselves on current leadership skills, theories, and models to best serve and prepare students to be ethical leaders of the world.

Watch Eureka College students discuss The Uniquely Eureka Presidential Experience.

What is a Eureka College Leadership Ambassador?

Students selected to serve as a Leadership Ambassador will belong to a team of fellow students who believe that leadership development and education is essential to the Eureka College experience.

Responsibilities include:
  • Working collectively with other team members and program advisors to promote leadership education opportunities.
  • Learning about our own leadership abilities and how to improve them,
  • Teaching and fostering positive, healthy leadership skills to Eureka students through, but not limited to, facilitating workshops, helping organizations on a need-to-need basis, being models of active, positive leadership for our peers and making resources accessible such as literature on leadership development relevant to students at Eureka
  • Utilization of the Eureka College Leadership Development Model as a framework for program planning.

As a Leadership Ambassador, your input is highly valued as to where not only leadership education on campus can improve, but also how the group Leadership Ambassadors can grow and transition, ensuring our relevance to students as well as growing as leaders ourselves. In order to do so, we ask that you commit to attending regular meetings held by Leadership Ambassadors, as well as actively help with Leadership Ambassador sponsored events.
The recruitment and selection process for the Leadership Ambassador team takes place during the middle part of the fall semester.

Group Discussion

The Leadership Ambassador Team

Soraya Allen
Alysha Basel
Lucas Bielecki
Collin Brown
Anna Gauger
Megan Gresham
Chester Griffith
Brody Hibbard
Abigail Hilton

Tracy Kaske
Sarah Larson
Jonathan Neis
Meredith Rhoads
Hassan Shehadeh
Krystena Tharman
Tyler Woods

Shari Rich
Associate Dean of Students

Other Leadership Opportunities

March, Dine & Discuss, 3/21/17, 12:20pm
Owens Room, Commons.

“Practice Today, for Leadership Tomorrow, Part II” – Guest Speaker, Abigail Bradley, Coordinator of Student Life, will be sharing insight on the Leadership Challenge Model.

Questions or request for accommodations should be directed to Shari Rich, Associate Dean of Students, srich@eureka.edu.

Registration is Open for the Leadership Conference until March 31, 5pm.

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All participants will have the opportunity to complete the Leadership Practices Inventory to gain a better understanding of the Leadership Challenge Model and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Our theme this year is “Generation Collaboration” to encourage interaction and networking with our alumni.
While recognized campus organizations are encouraged to send as many members as possible, student groups are required to send a minimum of two students to the conference as the sole representatives of their organization.  All students who attend both days of the conference and complete the conference evaluation upon check-out following the lunch on Saturday will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the bookstore.  
April 7th, Friday Schedule (Business Casual Dress)
6-7pm: Registration and Mingling – Moser Lobby
7pm:    Keynote Speaker (Eureka College Alumna Mickeisha Turner Armstrong, ’93) – Becker Auditorium
8pm:    Dessert Reception with Alumni (Seniors only) – Terrill Rooms
**Check-In and Check-Out is required for organization participation and to be included in the drawing for the bookstore gift certificate.  
April 8th, Saturday Schedule (Eureka Attire Dress)
8:30am:  Breakfast Available ~ Terrill Rooms
9:00am:  Alumni Spotlight ~ Terrill Rooms
9:45am:  Networking Break ~ Moser Lobby
10:00am: Breakout Session I ~ Terrill Rooms & Becker Auditorium
10:45am: Break ~ Moser Lobby
11:00am: Breakout Session II ~ Terrill Rooms & Becker Auditorium
11:45am: Break ~ Moser Lobby
12:00pm: Buffet Luncheon & Alumni Award Recipient Panel ~ Terrill Rooms
**Check-In and Check-Out is required for organization participation and to be included in the drawing for the bookstore gift certificate.  If you have any questions please contact Sarah Larson (slarson13@eureka.edu), Anna Gauger (agauger14@eureka.edu), or Shari Rich (srich@eureka.edu).

The Leadership Ambassador Team meets weekly to plan the annual conference and other campus leadership offerings and to discuss leadership topics/issues relevant to their work in promoting leadership education on campus. Recruitment for new leadership ambassadors takes place early in the fall semester. Selection of our two representatives who attend the LeaderShape Institute, are selected in the spring among the group’s current membership.

Please contact any member of the Leadership Ambassador Team with questions about the conference, programming, and membership opportunities.

Learn more about becoming a Leadership Ambassador and LeaderShape.

Student & Alumni Annual Leadership Conference

Mark Your Calendars for Friday & Saturday, April 7-8, 2017

Held annually in the spring, this educational opportunity is open to all students. Last year’s theme is All Aboard the Leadership: Strengthening the Potential of you and your Crew. Our last conference featured guest speakers, Eileen Ruby-Setti and Harriett Steinbach, speaking about the StrengthsFinder assessment. This year our focus will be on the model, the Leadership Challenge, Five Practices for Exemplary Leaders and we look forward to working with our alumni as our theme is Generation Collaboration.

2017 Student Leadership Retreat

Student leaders of all organizations, athletic teams, and programs will be invited and expected to participate in the Student Leadership Retreat. Each recognized student organization, program, and athletic team is asked to have 1–2 representatives participate with the flexibility of each attendee representing up to two groups. Groups not represented will be contacted and asked to schedule follow-up meetings to discuss the information covered at the retreat.

The Student Leadership Retreat is designed to assist campus organizations and teams strive for success with all its future endeavors. Student leaders will be provided with opportunities for goal setting, collaboration, and most importantly outlets to make connections with other organization leaders to share leadership strategies, techniques, and game plans. The student leadership retreat will be held on campus, August 16-18th, right before the upcoming school year.

Dine & Discussion Sessions

The Leadership Ambassadors regularly plan and offer Dine & Discussion Leadership sessions throughout the semester. In the fall ’16 semester, the two sessions focused on Voter Engagement for a Leadership Lens and Time/Stress Management for the Involved Student.