Leadership Courses at Eureka

LDR110 Introduction to Leadership

An introduction to the nature of leadership, with a focus on the history and origins of leadership, theoretical approaches to leadership, and the essence of contemporary leadership. Application of these concepts to life experiences will be addressed. Students will be exposed to the nature of leadership through presentation of objective material, group activities, and laboratory exercises.

LDR110, Hallsten, Fall 16 Syllabus

LDR115 Philosophy and Ethics of Leadership

Students in this course will learn about leadership ethics and philosophies, broadly defined, primarily within the context of the public sector. The course will be a combination of learning about leadership through the review of literature during class discussion and participation in a variety of “hands-on” exercises and case-study analyses. The literature and exercises are chosen to address leadership philosophies and provide an ethical context where students will be able to apply various skills and techniques deemed to be essential for successful leadership in the organizational and broader societal setting.

LDR115, Frioli, Fall 15 Syllabus

LDR220 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

This course is designed to provide students with the basic principles and elements of the growing Organizational Leadership discipline. Leadership theories and behaviors are examined in the context of the modern organization. The course introduces the student to the tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Course activities will move the student from theory to the practical processes of leadership within an organization. Concepts essential to personal skills development and organizational leadership behavior are emphasized.

LDR220, Bailey, Fall 16 Syllabus

LDR225 Leadership Theory

The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of leadership theory and to examine applications of leadership principles to the college environment and other settings in the community. Students will be asked to participate in a campus or community setting where they can study and apply these principles. This will be an opportunity for an in-depth study of leadership theories.

LDR225, Thurwanger, Fall 16 Syllabus

LDR240 Philosophy of Leadership

This course explores leadership from a philosophical point of view, that is, from the viewpoint of asking some fundamental questions about what it means to be a leader. Topics could include one or several of the following. What are some of the particular moral questions that being in a position of leadership could raise and how might several moral theories help to illuminate those questions? What might be some of the spiritual dimensions of leading or guiding others and how might several of the religious traditions shed light on those? How might leadership fit into a conception of human nature and the possibilities for human fulfillment and happiness? Following consideration of these theoretical topics, students will begin to develop their own personal leadership philosophy.

LDR240 Syllabus Fall2014 Syllabus

LDR280 Organizational Research Methods

An introduction to research and inquiry regarding leadership within various types of organizations, with special attention to a performance focus as applied to leadership. Students will design and complete a mini research project that includes: a problem statement, definition of terms, limitations and delimitations, literature review, description of research method, collection of data, data analysis, and interpretation of data.

LDR280, Fulop, Fall 14 Syllabus

LDR191/291/391W/391/491 Practicum in Leadership

During the program, each student will have practicum experiences relating to courses they are taking. Some practica may be arranged with the student’s place of employment.

LDR191, Fulop, Fall 16 Syllabus
LDR291, Fulop, Spring 15 Syllabus
LDR391W, Fulop, Fall 15 Syllabus
LDR491, Fulop, Spring 16 Syllabus

LDR310 The Practice of Leadership

A survey of important practices essential to good leadership. Topics may include negotiation and conflict resolution, facilitating effective group dynamics, leadership awareness of occupational and organizational cultures, and transformational leadership.

LDR310, Mayo, Spring 15 Syllabus

LDR355 Leadership Capstone: Reflections on Leadership

This advanced seminar, as the capstone academic experience in the Leadership Studies minor, is designed to be both retrospective and integrative, encouraging the student to synthesize relevant concepts and experiences and to formulate her or his own informed perspective on the successes and failures of leadership in contemporary society. Leadership theory, theories of social change and interdisciplinary approaches to complex global issues will serve as significant parts of the course material.

LDR355, Frioli, Spring 15 Syllabus

LDR399 Special Topics in Leadership

This is a seminar course that is offered whenever a mutual interest in a more specialized topic in Leadership Studies exists for a faculty member and a sufficient number of students. (Great Leaders Cases or Sector Specific for Group)