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Dear Campus Community,
  We are excited to announce that on January 21, 2019, we will celebrate MLK Day through Service!  The purpose of this day is to honor the work of Martin Luther King Jr, a prominent civil rights activist.
  This year, Eureka College is working with Church World Service, an organization that has shipped out donated supplies to worldwide areas in need for over 70 years. For more information on their organization, you can check out their website here.
  In events such as Hurricane Florence or the massive earthquake in Haiti, communities are left in distress. Essentials such as hygiene supplies turn into luxuries. Without support efforts, these communities would no longer have the resources necessary for their well-being. This year, our campus will collect and donate supplies for hygiene kits in order to help individuals feel healthy and comfortable in their time of need.
  In the weeks leading up to MLK Day, our goal is to collect enough supplies to create 500 hygiene kits. CWS also asks for $2 per kit for shipping costs. This means we would need to raise $1,000 total.  We strive to involve a minimum of 200 students, along with additional faculty and staff in this initiative.   
  Individuals may collect supplies and funds on their own, or they may form collaborative teams (minimum of 5 team members). Everyone is welcome to sign up for a friendly competition here. The Student Services Office is offering $100 towards a group activity (approved by the office) to the team that collects the most funds and supplies and participates in the assembly process on January 21, 2019. Teams may call different businesses, stand outside of grocery stores, ask individuals, etc. in order to collect donations. Every $2 raised counts for 1 item for that team’s contribution. Once teams sign up, they will receive a link to a spreadsheet to keep track of the number of items and funds.
  However you choose to donate, you are welcome to give any item on the supply list at any time leading up to the event. If you choose to build your own kits, here is an instructional video. You may also follow our collection schedule and donate the item of the week. Below is the supply list and the collection schedule.
Supply List:
We request that you donate supplies to us that are still in their package.

  • One hand towel measuring approximately 15″ x 28″ to 16″ x 32″ (no fingertip, bath, dish towel or micro-fiber)
  • One washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb in the package
  • One fingernail or toenail clipper in the package
  • One bath-size bar of soap in the wrapper
  • One toothbrush in the package
  • standard size package of Band-Aids
  • zip-lock gallon bag for packaging.

Shipping cost: $2 per bag
Collection Schedule:
Collection boxes will be set up in Residential Halls, the Burgoo, and the Library. 

  • Hand Towel Week & Washcloth Week: November 5th-9th     
  • Comb Week: November 12th-16th
  • Nail Clipper & Soap Week: November 26th-30th
  • Toothbrush Week: December 3rd-7th    
  • Band-Aid & Zip-Lock Bag Week: January 14th-18th

We welcome everyone to join us on January 21st  for our official day of service. After a small breakfast and raffle, we will hold a packaging/assembling event. Collection teams that participate in assembling packages will also have the chance to win bragging rights and a luxurious trophy to display. Below is the tentative schedule:

MLK Service Day Tentative Schedule: Monday, January 21st, 2019, Terrill Rooms, Cerf Center, Eureka College

  • 10:00am: Snacks, Social Time, Announce Raffle Winners
  • 10:30am: Packaging Competition
  • 11:30am: Announce Winning Teams. Present Prizes

If you have questions or need to request accommodations to participate, please contact Chaplain Bruce Fowlkes, or Lauren Fitzanko, 

 We thank you all for your commitment to community service and sincerely hope that you will help us commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. in the weeks leading up to our MLK Day of Service. 

-Lauren Fitzanko, Student Coordinator of Community Service


Selected students have one year (until December 31, 2019) to serve at least 300 hours building capacity for campus and community partnerships. Once service hours are completed the student will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award!  

  • If the student completes 300 volunteer hours they will receive a $1,252.91 education award.
  • If the student completes 450 volunteer hours they will receive a $1,566.14 education award.
  • The education award can be applied toward education expenses at your current or future (ex: graduate school) college location. 

This program rewards students for being civically engaged and giving back to their community. The majority of the service must be direct involvement in a volunteer capacity. Some training and philanthropy work can be considered as well as service that is integrated as part of a credit-bearing course. The service must be completed in Illinois. Applicants must be selected while enrolled at their respective college. 

This program, ILCC Service Corps, is open to 30 college students. If you or someone you know is interested in this program please direct them to apply through AmeriCorps at this site. Those interested are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  

If you have any questions regarding ILCC Service Corps please email Marina LoCasto at

Students, please see our list of Community Partners for ideas for service. Please contact Shari Rich,, for assistance or support needed to pursue this opportunity.  


Each spring, typically in April, Eureka College sponsors an annual service program to work directly with the community in which we live.  The program is called Service: The Maroon and Golden Rule, and its main purpose is to say thank you to the Eureka Community through giving back to show our appreciation for the support they have provided. The Maroon and Golden Rule project has helped residents of the Eureka community going on ten years and hundreds of students have participated. Service projects usually include yard work, spring cleaning, etc.
In 2019, the event will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  Information from last year is available via the links below. If you have any questions or need any accommodations to participate please contact Shari Rich, Associate Dean of Students,




Did you know that Eureka College’s mission statement affirms a commitment to learning, service, and leadership? We believe that learning inside and outside the classroom, being a leader on campus and in your community, and giving back through service can significantly enrich your educational experience.

As a student at Eureka College, you will have many opportunities to be engaged in service experiences during your college career. All new students take part in a service project during the fall Welcome Week program and students in the First Year Seminar course are involved in a service-learning project as part of this class experience. The College also offers recognized student organizations whose primary focus is community service and sponsors various programs like America Reads (tutoring and mentoring program in the local schools) including Spring Break mission trips and days of service (MLK Day of Service, January and Maroon & Golden Rule Program in April). Residential floors and athletic teams also readily participate in service projects throughout the year.

We hope you will seek out ways to serve others through service-learning experiences and service opportunities in campus organizations, and projects which have a specific focus on helping a cause or making an impact on an area of need. To get started, connect with a community service partner or see current needs in the area. Before you complete your experience, make sure you understand the community service documentation process (see below).

For four consecutive years (2010-2014), Eureka College has been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary community service. The Corporation for National and Community Service and the U.S. Department of Education gives the recognition to institutions of higher education for their support of volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement.

Community Service Documentation Process


Online Individual Documentation Form
Online Group/Organization Documentation Form
Liability Waiver
Student Group Travel Authorization
Medical Release

Please reference this resource list of local community partners who welcome volunteers:

Community Partners List

The information collected through the College documentation process will be utilized for reporting, assessment/evaluation, and feedback purposes at the College. Your response provides us with important details to help us evaluate our efforts in striving for excellence in service. Thank you for helping us collect this valuable information.

What qualifies as community service for documentation process?

  1. Direct service which benefits a non-profit/community based organization or those in need in the community (example: working directly with clients being served by an organization, such as mentoring/tutoring children or serving meals at a shelter).
  2. Indirect service benefiting the greater good of the community (example: packing care packages for soldiers or collecting canned food items for a shelter or food pantry).
  3. Fundraising/Philanthropic work for non-profit community organizations.
  4. Some on-campus service activities (example: campus clean-up days, volunteering to raise funds for scholarships, volunteer classroom note taker).

Documentation guidelines for students

  • Please help us avoid duplication of service documentation. If an individual is being included on a group form, it is not necessary for an individual service documentation form to be submitted.
  • For service hours to be counted towards a particular semester, the documentation must be completed and submitted by the last day of that respective semester.
  • Students may submit service hours to be documented for summer volunteer work upon beginning their coursework at the College.
  • For service work to be counted/documented, complete contact information from the person submitting and the site/organization being served must be included.
  • While students are encouraged to pursue off-campus service opportunities as much as possible, there are some on-campus service projects that may be included in our documentation process.
    • If it is part of an organization such as EC4DAX, Student Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega, etc., count the hours you are actually volunteering at an event (writing donation letters, working the concession stand, participating in a campus clean-up), but typically not hours involved in planning and organizing for these types of events.
    • Be sure to complete the appropriate paperwork; general risk waiver forms are always required for participants to complete when going anywhere off campus to serve.
    • When traveling outside of the City of Eureka, campus organizations/groups are required to complete the Group Travel Form, and all members are required to complete or have on file in the Office of Student Life, the travel/medical release forms (these forms are good for one year).
  • While students are challenged to be intentional about their service activities, please know that we are seeking brief responses for goals/reflection fields on the documentation form. If any of the fields do not apply, you may note N/A or not applicable.
  • Students documenting service hours for campus opportunities, scholarships, Sandifer Fellowship, etc., should also be recording and keeping their own service records. The information collected through College’s service documentation process may be used as reference, but does not suffice as evidence of students’ service involvement.
  • Any questions may be directed to Ken Baxter, Interim Associate Dean of Students, or by calling 309-467-6313.

Looking for organizations and local community partners?

These organizations welcome volunteers:
Community Service Partners List – 18-19  or see current needs.


Documentation Forms

Online Individual Documentation Form
Online Group/Organization Documentation Form
Liability Waiver
Student Group Travel Authorization
Medical Release

Shari Rich
Associate Dean of Students

Telephone: 309-467-6424