Student Organizations

Campus Involvement

As a student at Eureka College, getting involved is a tremendous opportunity that will have lasting impacts on your life; short term and long. With the turning of a new academic school year, the amount of organizations and activities are plentiful. No matter if you are a new first year, transfer student, commuter, or upperclassman, taking advantage of what we have to offer will be to your benefit. The college experience is about growing the holistic student in all areas including outside the classroom. By giving of your time and talents to an organization, the organization can thrive and your college experience will be even more valuable. Interested in learning more about these opportunities? Contact Abigail Bradley, Coordinator of Student Life at


Governing Organizations

Organizations that function primarily to make decisions for the campus or a specific amount of groups on the campus

Greek Council at Eureka College functions to create an atmosphere that will help develop and maintain good relations between independents and Greeks and among Greek members themselves. The Greek Council also sponsors programs that aid the development of its member organizations and the individual members. It is also responsible for helping promote the Greek system and providing service to the Campus community. The Greek Council is composed of two representatives from each of the active fraternities and sororities, both national and local, at Eureka College.

Student Allocations Agency (SAA) serves to allocate funds to organizations that are open to the student body in order to facilitate programming and ease financial burden on these organizations and their members.

Student Foundation (StuFo) serves to raise money for scholarships for students at Eureka. We do this by doing various fundraisers such as concessions at football games, Care Packages, Birthday Treats, StuFo Cafe, and more!

The Eureka College Student Senate is organized to assure oversight of campus organizations and is designed to work with faculty, staff, and administration on bettering the social and academic environment on campus. Responsible to the student body, the membership of the Senate includes class presidents and senators elected at-large. Further information on the Eureka College Student Senate is defined in the Student Body Constitution.

Programming Organizations

Organizations that function primarily to provide programs and events for the campus and/or community and surrounding areas

The Arts and Lecture Series is planned and governed by the Arts and Lecture Board, an organization of students appointed by the President of the Student Body and one faculty member, appointed by the faculty’s Committee on Committees. This organization brings nationally-known educational and cultural events to the campus of Eureka College.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB), Eureka College’s primary programming organization, contracts, plans, and promotes over forty campus events a year. CAB events consist of concerts, comedians, movies, and novelty programs. In addition, CAB organizes and implements Homecoming Week each year from Window Painting and Royalty elections on Sunday to the events throughout the week and the parade and special events on Saturday.


Programs are 
groups that function similar to student organizations, but are under direct control of the faculty staff member responsible for the program.

The Admissions Ambassadors are students who volunteer time to assist the Office of Admissions by providing a unique perspective to visiting students and their families. The volunteers represent Eureka College through activities such as conducting campus tours, hosting prospective students overnight, calling in phone-a-thons, and assisting with Open Houses.

Impressions is a magazine that is published yearly of original writing by students and other Eureka College members under the advisement of interested faculty members and edited by students.

The Leadership Ambassadors are a team of students, along with a staff coordinator, that lead the initiative for leadership education on campus. Reflective of leadership topics in higher education and in accordance with the mission statement of Eureka College, the team of Leadership Ambassadors provide leadership programming for all students in the form of an annual conference, workshops, and discussion sessions.

Pegasus, a bi-weekly paper, includes news, sports, features, editorials, and entertainment. It represents the entire College community; the newspaper items reflect the views and activities of students, faculty, administration, and alumni. It also reports news from other colleges that affect college students.

Members of The Prism create the publication of the college’s own yearbook, which captures the memories, and events of campus throughout each year.

The SPRUCE team provides educational programming to students in the areas of risk management. They support college alcohol policies by providing assistance with registered parties and various events on campus.

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Academic Organizations

Academic Organizations provide an opportunity to discuss and share information related to a specific major/minor, academic discipline, and/or career.

The Chamber Singers are an auditioned group that specializes in choral works in all styles from the 16th century to the contemporary period.

The purpose of Chorale is to bring singing opportunities to the students of Eureka College. We sing a variety of songs for the singers and our audience to enjoy.

College Bowl provides an additional learning experience for students on the state, regional, and national level through Academic Quiz Bowl competitions.

The purpose of Communication Club is to create and organize opportunities for students to experience and network with professional in the world of communication. We offer events, informational sessions, and networking opportunities to students.

Eureka College Business Society is an organization that promotes business knowledge to its members while serving the community, develops vocational and career supportive skills, and provides opportunities for students in or business related fields to understand their future working environment.

The Psychology and Sociology Club encourages, stimulates, and maintains excellence in scholarship in the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology and sociology, and to advance the sciences of psychology and sociology.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies recognize superior academic achievement and leadership qualities and are usually based on professions and/or academic programs.

The purpose of Alpha Psi Omega is to stimulate interest in theatre activities and to secure for the college all the advantages and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honor society

Pi Gamma Mu is Eureka College’s International Honor Society in Social Science.

Sigma Tau Delta is an active English national honor society on the Eureka College campus. Each spring this chapter sponsors the College’s creative writing contest open to all students.

Sigma Zeta is a national honorary science society.

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Athletic Organizations

Athletic organizations that provide opportunities for participation in recreational and/or competitive sports teams or organizations relating to athletics.

The Cheerleading Squad promotes and upholds school spirit, develops a sense of good sportsmanship among the students and members of the squad, and improves relationships between schools during all athletic events.

Deviladies, a dance team, entertains the fans of Eureka College football and basketball teams during their half-time breaks, encourages interest in these athletic events, and helps promote school spirit.

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Service/Philanthropic Organizations

Service/Philanthropic organizations that function mainly to provide service to the campus and/or community and surrounding areas or seek to raise funds and/or support for a particular charity or cause.

The goal of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble College Students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from Boy Scouts, develop leadership, promote friendship and provide service and further freedom that is our national, educational & intellectual heritage

EC4Dax is a student run organization that raises both awareness and funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through the Dax Foundation.

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Religious/Spiritual Organizations

Religious/Spiritual groups represent diverse faith communities and belief systems that observe and follow religious and/or spiritual practices and traditions. These groups offer fellowship and outreach through a variety of programs, activities and services as well as provide resources and support for students seeking spiritual wellness.

Campus Crusade For Christ International is an inter-denominational Christian campus ministry. A student movement working together to spread the Word of God on campus. A group that offers fellowship, Bible study, and spiritual growth.

Disciples of Campus (DOC) is open to any Eureka College student who is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ or United Church of Christ denominations, and those persons interested in joining an organization that discusses and pursues topics of faith.

The Newman Center is a Catholic organization that can be found on many college campuses around the country. We provide Mass weekly on Sundays and Thursday evenings as well as the opportunities for Catholic students to go to Confession and Adoration. We also offer free homemade food on both Sundays and Thursdays after Mass. We welcome all students, no matter the religious affiliation and encourage all to come join our events.

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Special Interest Organizations

Special Interest organizations that provide communities for students to discuss and share information about specific topics and common interests, raise awareness about a variety of issues, and/or cover topics that are not included in another category.

The purpose of Akai Akuma is to enrich the Eureka College campus by the process of screening and discussing current and classic Anime (Japanese Animation) and viewing it as an art form as well as using it to gather an awareness and understanding of the unique Japanese culture.

The purpose of the ASL (American Sign Language) Club is to provide an outlet to help others become more familiar with American Sign Language and to become more understanding of the deaf culture.

The purpose of Con Brio is to foster music appreciation on campus, provide means for musically inclined students to find fellowship, and provide an opportunity for these students to serve the campus community.

The EC Band strives to provide entertainment at sports activities and to provide a concert at least one a year.

International Club promotes an awareness of international issues, study abroad opportunities, and different cultures and also creates a sense of diversity and community on campus. The club is committed to serving the community and providing support for international students.

Multi-Cultural Student Union of Eureka College is a cultural organization which focuses on bringing information about multi-cultural experiences to Eureka College’s campus. The Multi-Cultural Union also provides information on business and academic opportunities. It exists for all those who are interested in gaining knowledge about multi-cultural experiences. The Multi-Cultural Union promotes positive values and goals, which help individuals grow within the setting of a social organization.

The Pre-Professional Club is for those students who are going into the pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet, and so on fields, we provide assistance and knowledge of what is to come and what they should do to get ahead so they can go to the graduate schools they want to and can succeed in their field. The experience and practice include mock interviews, resume workshops, trips to specific hospitals or clinics, speakers from schools and professionals within that field.

S.A.G.E. (Student Alliance for Greener Environments) is a student-led organization that promotes sustainable, environmentally-friendly ideas and practices on campus and in the community. The organization provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with educational and hands-on opportunities to learn about the world in which they live during various events throughout the year.


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Greek Life

Eureka College has six organizations that make up the Greek community. Four of these organizations are recognized nationally, which means these groups have multiple chapters represented across the nation at various colleges and universities, including their chapter here at Eureka. Two organizations are local chapters which means they were founded here at Eureka College and are represented only at Eureka.

The six Greek organizations are made up of three fraternities; Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, and three sororities; Delta Delta Pi, Delta Zeta, and Phi Omega. All of these chapters are a part of the Greek Council, which is a group whose purpose is to develop and maintain Greek Life and community relations at the highest level of accomplishment both on campus and within the greater community. These organizations, as part of the Greek Council, are guided by six core values; community, diversity, excellence, leadership, scholarship, and service. Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment occur twice a year, once at the beginning of the fall semester for upper-class and transfer students, and once at the beginning of the spring semester for freshman, upper-class, and transfer students.

These organizations are very active on campus, participating in campus events such as Homecoming, Greek Week, Family Weekend, and Alumni Weekend. Members of these organizations donate their time as well as raise money for the American Red Cross, St. Jude, March of Dimes, and Susan G. Komen, in addition to numerous local charities and foundations.

Currently, Eureka College has four organizations living on-campus in campus owned housing, and two organizations that own their own houses off-campus (but within close proximity to campus). Residential students who choose to join a Greek organization are required to live with their designated Greek organization, if they are in campus owned housing, beginning the fall semester following their initiation.

Greek Social Organizations

The Delta Delta Pi sorority, founded May 19, 1910, is the oldest Greek organization at Eureka College. The women of Delta Delta Pi are proud of their traditions and encourage involvement in all campus activities. A local sorority, Delta Delta Pi participates in several service projects each year, including supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity’s Zeta Upsilon chapter at Eureka College strives for a healthy balance of social activities, academics, sports and extracurricular activities. The chapter stresses Culture Harmony and Friendship. Mag Hall, the chapter’s house, provides the chapter more space for its growing numbers and a better fraternal atmosphere for the brothers. The Eureka chapter has won the Pyramid of Excellence from the Delta Sigma Phi National Headquarters. This award is very prestigious and is only handed out to five fraternities nationwide each year.

Delta Zeta is an international sorority that was founded on October 24, 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There are 165 collegiate chapters in the United States and 250 alumnae chapters, which extend to Canada and the United Kingdom. Delta Zeta supports several national philanthropy organizations, is active in leadership, social activities, and promotes excellence in academics. The Lamp is Delta Zeta’s national magazine, which contains information for both chapters and alumnae. Delta Zeta provides its members with the opportunity to grow closer together as sisters and cherish memories that last a lifetime.

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Theta Chi Chapter, stresses leadership, character, and involvement through its brotherhood. It provides an environment for members to achieve a healthy balance of academic and social activities.

Phi Omega sorority has been on the Eureka College campus for over twenty-five years. The goal of this sorority is the mutual advancement of its members, the promotion of a high standard of scholastic, and the social activity and the rendering of service to Eureka College and the community. Its motto is to create a special bond between friends that will be strong even after college. The sorority stresses academics, and friendliness, closeness, and a unique sisterhood.

Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Iota Chapter, was granted its charter in 1917. The fraternity believes that the essential elements of true brotherhood are love, charity, and esteem. Tau Kappa Epsilon on campus boasts that its campus membership includes former President Ronald Reagan.

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