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To the Student Body,

My name is Seth Powers, and I will be serving as Student Body President for the 2017-2018 school year. That means it is my duty and pleasure, as well Student Senate’s, to represent you for the upcoming school year. Any issues, ideas or visions you have are more than welcome at our meetings. Student Senate meets every Wednesday at 6:30 in the Terrill Rooms, Cerf Center. Being Student Body President also means that it my responsibility to provide encouragement for the start of a new academic year.

I remember walking into my dorm on move-in day and feeling a mixture of fear and excitement. For the past two years, that feeling has returned quite a bit. College is an extraordinary experience, and you’re going to do many things that terrify you. Don’t shy away from those things. Unless the terrifying things is like, wrestling a bear. Then shy away. Shy very far way.

But assuming the terrifying thing is something more realistic, like a play audition, or going to that club meeting even though you don’t know anyone, run straight at it. Embrace the time you have here to learn, both in and out of the classroom. If the only thing stopping you from taking an opportunity is a little voice in your head saying “what if it goes wrong?” tell that voice to shut up, and take the opportunity. Basically, don’t waste your time second guessing yourself.

This is the only time in your life you’ll have to completely dedicate to making yourself better, and there will be resources all around you to help you in that quest. You’ll make friends with people you would have never guessed, find yourself enjoying things you never would have ever expected, and learning more than you thought possible.

So get out there and do it,

Seth Powers
Student Body President, 17-18

Take Advantage of the Resources we Offer

We stress the importance of a positive student experience at Eureka College. To ensure your health, safety and success throughout your time here, the Office of Student Life facilitates the use of various resources for Eureka College students.

Eureka College|Student Senate
Seth Powers, Student Body President

Eureka College Student Resources

Clinical Health Services provided by Advocate Eureka Hospital

Basic Facts:

  • Hours: 6 AM-10 PM; 7 days a week. The service runs the entire year. All services between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be classified as Emergency Services and will not be covered by the College plan.
  • Assessment of all Eureka College students-residential or commuter.
  • Treatment: Minor Illness, injuries and emergencies (sore throat, rashes, injuries that do not require x-ray or other diagnostic tests). Referral will be made to the physician of choice for appropriate follow-up care when needed.
  • Medications: Starter packs will be provided after pharmacies are closed for the day. Starter packs will be billed to the student by the college.
  • Labs: CBC, urinalysis, strep cultures are provided when needed as part of the basic services. All other lab tests are billed to the student or their insurance.
  • School Sport Physical: Must be paid by student at the time of service or the college will bill the student.
  • Important Notice: When using the Health Services at Advocate Eureka Hospital, you must show your college ID. 
  • There is a co-pay fee for each visit to Advocate Eureka Hospital under the college plan. The fee is $15 and will be billed to your student account in the EC Business Office.
  • The student or student’s insurance will be billed for all outpatient or emergency services outside of those listed above.
  • Payment for follow-up with a physician other than at the Health Services will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Students will be triaged, as are all Urgent Care patients. Those requiring the most emergent care will be treated first. You may be required to wait, but you will be cared for as quickly as possible.
Rev. Bruce

Rev. Bruce Fowlkes is the Chaplain of Eureka College. He helps students honor their traditions, connect with deeper sources of meaning and become more articulate about their faith.

Chaplain Bruce is also Eureka College’s Ombudsperson who serves as confidential ally to faculty, staff, and students. He is available for short term counseling session if need be. He can be reached at or 309-467-6429.

Counseling Services Provided by Tazwood Center for Wellness

Seeing a professional counselor as a Eureka College student is easy and free. Counseling service is provided to both residential and commuter students. The services begin each year during the first week of classes in August and end each year during finals week in May.

Counselors are on hand to discuss a variety of issues: depression, stress, family problems, alcohol and other drug issues, anxiety, relationships, eating disorders, etc. Sometimes it simply helps to talk to someone who is removed from the situation.

Basic Facts:

  • Tazwood Center for Wellness will meet with students in a private location on campus. They will be available to hold sessions on the following days/times:
    • Mondays 4:00 PM-7:00 PM
    • Thursdays: 12:00 PM-2:00 PM
  • Call Tazwood Center for Wellness at (309) 347-5522 to set up an appointment.
  • Identify yourself as a Eureka College student.
  • Upon the first appointment, the counselor will do an assessment to see how many additional appointments will be needed. Additional appointments will be provided for free under the plan up to 6 sessions, at which point additional sessions will be discussed as the needs arises.

Eureka College is committed to protecting the welfare of all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and community members. Eureka College contracts through the Eureka City Police Department for campus security. Through this contract, the city provides Eureka College with a trained city police officer to serve an eight hour shift on campus seven nights per week, 365 days per year. This shift begins between 5pm and 7pm and ends between 1am and 3am. During this shift, the officer will patrol through campus in a marked vehicle (provided by the city), walk through the residence halls at least once per night with 2 members of the Resident Advisor (RA) staff, be available as a student escort, and be available to assist in any incidents that arise. The officer can be contacted throughout their shift on a College owned cell phone that is posted throughout campus (309) 339-0321. When needed, the other city police officers will serve as back up to the campus officer. If the College needs assistance from the Police during day hours, the College will contact Eureka Dispatch for assistance (309) 467-2375.

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Eureka College’s Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (EC CARE) Team serves as a single point of contact to report unusual or troubling behavior. This team serves to promote the safety and health of the campus community through the sharing of information by identifying students, faculty, staff, and visitors, who might be a risk to themselves or others and to develop, coordinate, and track individualized intervention response plans.

The team is comprised of representatives from across campus where each situation or concern can be individualized to address the specific and unique needs of the situation that may include providing counseling resources, community agency or local support groups or systems, advocacy, student disciplinary measures, and/or law enforcement.

If you are concerned about a student, please email with details about your concern. Your information will be kept confidential in all situations.

ULifeline provides students a Self-Evaluator toolkit which is a confidential online mental health assessment developed for ULifeline by Duke University Medical Center. Students can complete a self-assessment to learn telling insight about themselves or a friend’s state of mind.The Student site also includes information, factoids and poll questions to learn interesting details about mental well-being.

The Heart of Illinois United Way and Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois have partnered to provide Heart of Illinois 2-1-1, a comprehensive information and referral line to connect callers to critical health and human care programs. 2-1-1 is a confidential help line that can be reached by dialing 211 from both landline and cell phones. If a caller has trouble connecting, help can also be reached by dialing 309-999-4029 or visiting

211 Connects you to services including:

  • Food, shelter, and utility assistance
  • Physical and Mental Health Services
  • Job training and financial assistance
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Childcare and after school programs

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a self-help, non-profit, advocacy group for those with mental illnesses and their supporters. The alliance was founded in 1979 because of a lack of support for people experiencing brain disorders.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK or 800 SUICIDE

2017-18 MEAL/BOARD PLAN:  All full time residential students are required to be on one of Eureka College’s four meal plan offerings.  If a student fails to specify which one they want, they will automatically receive Meal Plan A.  Students have until the end of the day on Friday during the first week of classes to change their option, if they feel they need to do so.  Changes will not be made after that.

_____  Meal Plan Option A:       19 Meals/Week                                     No Flex $$              $2,440/semester

_____  Meal Plan Option B:       175 Block (Avg. of 12 meals/wk)      $75 Flex $$             $2,410/semester

_____  Meal Plan Option C:       150 Block (Avg. of 10 meals/wk)      $100 Flex $$           $2,410/semester

_____  Meal Plan Option D:       125 Block (Avg. of 8 meals/wk)        $150 Flex $$           $2,410/semester

** The average Eureka College student consumes 12 meals/week in on campus dining locations.**

A Block Plan involves a certain number of meals to spread throughout the semester.  Block Plans give you the ability to provide meals for your friends/family without an additional cost when they visit.  Block Plans also give you the ability to have multiple meals per meal period.  The standard meal plan (Meal Plan Option A) cannot be used for anyone but yourself and provides one meal per meal period.  Flex dollars can be used at the Commons or the Burgoo to purchase additional meals as well as retail items at the Burgoo.

To learn more, visit the Sodexo webpage. If you need to add more flex dollars or meals, simply go to the Sodexo website and purchase with a credit card. Meals are $5 and Flex is dollar for dollar.
The additional Meals and Flex can be Added By Parents! All they need to know is the student’s name and ID number.

The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a FREE resource for tobacco users who want to quit for good. Our registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and certified tobacco-treatment counselors are on call 7 days a week, (7AM to 9PM Monday through Friday and 9AM to 5PM on both Saturday and Sunday) to answer all your tobacco-related questions and provide the support you need to break the habit. Habla español? We serve a diverse client base, with Spanish-speaking counselors and live translation services for more than 200 languages.

Please visit the Illinois Quitline website to learn more and enroll in the program or call 1-866-Quit-Yes directly.