Students and members of the campus community please visit the National Site - to register to vote. Early voting options and mail-in voting options vary by state.


Not sure if you're registered to vote? Click here to find out!


Per guidance received from the Woodford County Clerk's Office, Illinois residents are advised to register to vote in their home county online and take advantage of early voting or mail-in voting. Attached is the election schedule for Illinois which notes dates for online registration and Grace period registration/voting in Illinois. This information is also accessible from the Illinois State Board of Elections website.  


Online Registration in Illinois is available until October 18, 2020, 11:59pm and information related to voting in Woodford County can be accessed here.  Residential students who want to register and vote in Eureka can do so online but should understand they are changing their voter residency to Woodford County. They will want to confirm their registration was accepted by contacting the Woodford County Clerk's Office (309-467-2822) or via the Illinois State Board of Elections site.


Those who are registered in Woodford County, 300 E. College Avenue, Eureka, IL 61530, the Poll location is: 


EUREKA, IL 61530


Students interested in volunteering in Woodford County should contact Andrea Storm. Her contact information is or 309-467-2822.  Please note, to volunteer at the polls in Woodford County, you must be registered to vote in the county and must state a party.     


There is an in-person Grace Period registration/voting available and those details are accessible at the Illinois State Board of Elections website. After October 18, students who reside on campus and want to register to vote in Eureka can do so but will need to show two forms of identification verifying their residence as the College. When you utilize Grace registration, you also vote at the same time.   


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