The People of Eureka: John “Boz” Boswell

Nov 17 2017

By Jonathan Troyer.

This week we interviewed Eureka College’s Sodexo manager, John Boswell. Sodexo is the food service of Eureka College, serving the Dickinson Commons, the Burgoo and the on-campus catering service. Since his arrival in 2016, “Boz” had made some changes – giving the opportunity to choose from a variety of musical selections in the Commons to play during lunch, adding the “Burgoo Special of the Week” and switching up the food choices in the Commons.

What brought you to Eureka?

I was working at Illinois Wesleyan University (in Bloomington) when this job came open. It was in the same district and it was my first chance to be head person at an account so it was a great opportunity for me. Also, since I lived in Bloomington it meant I didn’t have to move.

What inspires you to come to work every morning?

What is my what? I love making people happy. Food and being in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere have the ability to provide happiness in people’s lives and doing that is what inspires me every day and fulfills me.

What do you love the most about your job?

Interacting with students as well as my staff every day. I also love being creative and coming up with new ideas to make everyone’s dining experience better.

Any extra information about yourself and how you became involved with Sodexo?

Where I went to college was a Sodexo account. Towards the end of my first semester I decided it was time to get a job so I applied at the dining center attached to my dorm. I was hired to wash dishes. After a few years I became a student manager then after I graduated I became the manager. After working there a few years I went to IWU and then here at Eureka.

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