Bridging the Divide

What divides us? What brings us together?


Now more than ever, communities across America are struggling to answer these simple questions.


Eureka College and The Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago are proud to partner on a program designed to bridge the gap between two unique communities. Over the course of 6 months students will explore how today’s most pressing political concerns impact residents in both urban and rural communities.


Each campus will select 10 students for this joint program. The program itself will consist of three engagement where students will explore the communities surrounding each campus, collecting feedback from local residents, stakeholders, politicians and lawmakers. In spring both campuses will meet in Springfield, IL for a final presentation.


Through this program, students will have the opportunity to visit the offices of industry experts, conduct focus groups, and participate in leadership exercises. The experience is designed to create a greater sense of understanding as well as develop concrete action plans.


Requirements and Eligibility

Interested students must meet the following requirements


  • Must be able to attend all three program dates - January 12-13; February 16-17; April 12-13.
  • All majors are encouraged to apply.
  • Interested in and willing to engage in dialogue with individuals from diverse political, racial, and economic backgrounds.


The application deadline is October 15th.


Interested students should complete the application found below.


Questions? Contact Dr. Junius Rodriguez at




Bridging the Divide Application

Short Answer Questions

Below are a few short answer questions (250 words maximum). Please indicate in your responses which questions you are answering.


Please note: There are no right or wrong answers. Selections will not be made based on your subject matter expertise, but rather which combination of students will lead to the most enriching experience for all involved. Your responses will be used to learn more about you, and your personality, and your interest in the program.


Personal Details


Short Answer Questions