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Learn about applying to be a freshman at Eureka College.

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Learn about transferring to Eureka College after attending another college or university.

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Learn about applying as an international student to be a freshman at Eureka College.

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Special Education LBS1 Endorsement

Learn more about applying as an adult learner in the Special Education LBS1 Endorsement program.

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Re-Enroll At Eureka

Learn more about re-enrolling to finish the degree you have already started.

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If you would like to take classes at Eureka College but are not seeking a degree, please complete this application process.

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Cyber Security Certification

As your responsibilities grow, your communication and leadership skills can help you succeed. Eureka College now offers courses in which allow you to expand your marketability.

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"Eureka gave me the mindset to adapt and overcome. I never would have imagined I would have interned with the Cleveland Indians, lived in Washington DC working for a lobbying firm, winning a Conference Championship, or playing in the NCAA Playoffs. The opportunity is there, it's up to you to take advantage of it." - Trever, Class of 2018