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Academics at Eureka College are designed to balance between educational requirements and the freedom to pursue your intellectual curiosity, varied interests and career goals.

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Eureka College student-athletes balance their academic responsibilities and their commitment to the team. Our student-athletes are supported by coaches, faculty and staff to ensure they excel on and off the field.

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Student involvement is a huge opportunity for Eureka College students. Find an organization that matches your needs and become a valued member.


  • Eight Eight Percent of Eureka College graduates finish in 4 years

  • Ninety Five Percent of Eureka College grads are employed or headed to grad school within 6 months of graduation

  • Eighty Four Percent of Eureka College’s pre-professional science students are accepted into medical, dental, veterinary and physical & occupational therapy schools

  • Ninety Seven Percent of Eureka College graduates feel their education prepared them to succeed professionally

  • Hundred Percent of Eureka College classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants

Eureka Academics

Fine performing arts

Fine &
performing arts

The Fine and Performing Arts division includes four majors, each of which benefits from Eureka’s liberal arts emphasis.

science & mathematics

science &

Eureka’s Science and Mathematics Division offers students an abundance of possibilities: eight majors, six minors, five secondary licensure programs, plus several pre-professional programs.

Science Math
social science & business

social science & business

The hallmarks of the Social Science and Business Division are the richness of experiences we offer our students and the sense of new, previously unforeseen opportunities that unfold under the guidance of our professors.



The Humanities Division finds its center in the study of what it means to be human. Humanities study prepares you for public service, ministry, education, law, communications, journalism and more.



At Eureka College, all education majors study a core curriculum of liberal arts in conjunction with a professional studies course. Secondary education majors also have an additional field of study.

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The People of Eureka: John "Boz" Boswell

By Jonathan Troyer. This week we interviewed Eureka College’s Sodexo manager, John Boswell. Sodexo is the food service of Eureka College, serving the Dickinson Commons, the Burgoo and the on-campus catering service. Since his arrival in 2016, “Boz” had made...

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Nov 24

The Undergrounds is OPEN

Eureka to Travel to St. Thomas Nov. 18 to Open NCAA Football Playoffs


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A History of the Ronald W. Reagan Peace Garden

By Jack Cascone. Eureka College is approaching the 18th anniversary of installing the Ronald W. Reagan Peace Garden. The Peace Garden was unveiled to the public on May 9, 2000. This memorial is intended to honor the S.T.A.R.T. speech that...

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Nov 25

The Undergrounds is OPEN

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