Parking On Campus

Eureka College has parking to accommodate all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Parking and Permit Information Residential & Commuter Students

All residential and commuter students wishing to bring a car must be sure to complete the EC Parking Registration Form (below) or PDF. This form should be completed before the first day of class in order to avoid receiving a parking ticket.

Your permit will be valid for the entire school year and must be displayed inside of your car on your rearview mirror. The permit MUST be visible when you are on campus and can be switched to another car temporarily when/if needed. However, if you need to have another car on campus for more than a week at a time, you need to register your 2nd car with the Office of Student Life. Parking permit fees are included as part of your campus access fee.

Residential Students: If you are a residential student, you have the ability to park in any Residential Student Lot or All Campus Lot. (See diagram below) Driving to class and/or parking in a Commuter/Faculty/Staff Lot could result in you being ticketed.

Commuter Students: If you are a commuter student, you have the ability to park in any Commuter/Faculty/Staff Lot or All Campus Lot. (See diagram below) Parking in a Residential Student Lotcould result in you being ticketed.

At no time should students give or sell their permit to another person or student to use. The permit must be used by the student who originally purchased the permit. If you have any questions, please stop by the Office of Student Life or call (309) 467-6420. More parking information can also be obtained from the Campus Traffic Rules and Regulations portion of the Student Handbook.

There is not an additional charge to register for and receive a parking permit.

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