Housing & Residence Life


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Choosing to live on campus may be one of the best decisions a student can make as we strongly believe that the “out of classroom” learning experience is a significant part of a college education! We highly recommend that all students take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Residence halls are more than just dorms or places to eat and sleep. Living on campus provides great opportunities for students to develop meaningful friendships and get involved with campus programming, organizations, and the overall college community.



Please select which housing application you would like to complete:

On Campus Housing Contract or Off Campus Housing Request Form


While there is no guarantee of a residence hall, we will give priority to the housing contracts
and nonrefundable tuition deposits received before

April 1, 2024 based on the date that we receive them.

The deadline to request a specific roommate is May 17, 2024 for the fall semester.


Your $100 refundable housing deposit (incoming students only) can be paid HERE.


Housing & Residence Life Mission Statement

The Housing and Residence Life Office provides a safe, supportive, and comfortable living and learning environment that supports the mission of Eureka College. The Residence Life Staff maintains a high standard of commitment and service in order to meet the diverse needs of our residents. We work in collaboration with other campus educators to create a greater sense of community and atmosphere of tolerance, appreciation, and respect. Through co-curricular programming, residents are empowered to achieve maximum success in academics, leadership, and campus and community involvement.

Is living on campus required?

Eureka College requires that all full time students live in the residence halls on campus unless approval is granted by the Director of Housing Operations or the Dean of Students. Students who are granted exemptions from living on campus meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Commute from a parent’s primary residence (within a 30 mile address-to-address distance from Eureka College). https://maps.google.com/ is our official tool to compute distance using 300 E. College Ave; Eureka, IL 61530 as the campus address.
  2. Commute from a parent’s primary residence (if they are an incoming freshman who just graduated from a high school within a 30 mile radius (see the list below for approved schools).
  3. Have already received a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Entering 5th year of college with senior status.
  5. 23 years old before the semester begins.
  6. Married and/or have dependent children living with them.
  7. Hold a full time internship or student teaching position off campus.
  8. Incoming transfer student who has lived independently from their parents for at least 12 months (please attach a copy of a lease and/or other documentation).

Students who feel they qualify to live off campus may apply for “commuter” status by filling out an Off Campus Housing Request Form.

High Schools within a 30 mile radius of EC:

  • Bloomington High School
  • Central Catholic High School (Bloomington)
  • Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School
  • Dunlap High School    
  • East Peoria High School
  • El Paso Gridley High School    
  • Eureka High School    
  • Fieldcrest High School
  • Flanagan High School
  • Illinois Valley Central High School (Chillicothe)   
  • Limestone High School (Bartonville) 
  • Metamora High School
  • Midland High School
  • Morton High School    
  • Normal Community High School    
  • Normal University High School    
  • Normal West High School
  • Olympia High School    
  • Pekin Community High School    
  • Peoria Central High School    
  • Peoria Christian High School    
  • Peoria Heights High School    
  • Peoria Manual High School  
  • Peoria Notre Dame High School    
  • Peoria Richwoods High School    
  • Roanoke-Benson High School    
  • Tremont High School    
  • Washburn High School  
  • Washington Community High School  
How do I select a roommate?


Aside from Langston Hall, a majority of rooms on campus are double occupancy rooms that students share with a roommate. Although we cannot provide a private room for all students interested, students should specify on their housing contract if they are interested in paying the additional cost to have their own room.


Students may request to have a specific roommate, but must do so before May 17, 2024 for the upcoming fall semester. This request will be honored as long as both students specify on their contract that they are interested in living together and they have both completed the Housing Sign-Up Process before June 1st. If a student does not request a specific roommate/suitemate, they will be paired based on their completed roommate survey. Formal notice of all room and roommate/suitemate assignments will be mailed out in late June for the upcoming fall semester. Eureka College attempts to respond to each and every request.


Students interested in switching rooms/roommates must talk with their RA and the Coordinator of Residence Life. No room changes will be granted during the first two weeks of the semester.

What Residence Hall policies do I need to be aware of?

These are just a few of our residence hall policies.  Please see our full Student Handbook for the rest of our policies.  



The State of Illinois law provides that any person less than 21 years of age who attempts to purchase, possess, consume, or transport any alcoholic beverages within Illinois is subject to fine or imprisonment or both. The College does not condone violation of the law with respect to underage drinking. Eureka College’s full alcohol and other drug policy is located in the Student Handbook.



Students are welcome to have guests at any time as long as they receive prior consent from their roommate and/or suitemate. However, guests are not allowed to stay for more than 3 consecutive nights OR stay for 3 consecutive nights repeatedly. Students may request an exemption to this policy during special circumstances from the Director of Residence Life. Students are responsible for the actions of their guests (overnight or not) if the guest is not a student of Eureka College. Therefore, students should only be inviting guests to campus that they trust will uphold the policies on campus. Students will be held accountable for any misconduct, vandalism, or other obstructive behavior caused by their guest. Cohabitation is strictly prohibited and should be immediately reported to a Resident Advisor and/or the Office of Student Life. 



Students are not permitted to have pets in the residence halls, with the exception of fish in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium.  Due to allergies and other concerns, this includes having pets from home visit or even enter the residence halls at any time.


A service animal is a dog or a miniature horse that has been individually trained to do work or perform a specific task for a person with a disability and/or other medical condition.  Examples of such work include guiding someone who is blind, alerting someone who is deaf, pulling a wheel chair, alerting someone who is about to have a seizure, etc.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals must be harnessed or leashed, unless it interferes with the service animal’s work.  In that case, the person must maintain control of the animal through other means.  Residential students with service animals must work with the Assistant Dean of Housing Operations in advance regarding their housing placement and/or other accommodations needed.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are sometimes used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals.  However, they are not considered to be service animals under ADA.  These support animals provide companionship and can sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and other phobias.  However, they do not have special training to perform tasks.  Eureka College does allow ESA’s that have been registered and approved through the Office of Student Life.  Residents with approved ESA’s on campus must follow College policies for caring for their animal, and must be flexible on their housing assignment due to allergies, etc of the rest of the campus population.  For more information on this process, please contact Jason Zimmerman, Learning Center Director, at jzimmerman@eureka.edu.  



The following items are not permitted anywhere in the residence halls on campus:

►  Window air conditioner units

►  Space heaters (unless provided by the College or with prior approval from Residence Life)

►  Foreman-style grills

►  Open coiled cooking instruments

►  Toasters (other than kitchen areas)

►  Toaster ovens (other than kitchen areas)

►  Grills (gas or charcoal)/propane tanks/lighter fluid

►  Water beds

►  Halogen lamps

►  BB guns/air guns/paintball guns/tattoo guns

►  Hoverboards

►  Knives (larger than a pocket knife)

►  Alcohol/drug paraphernalia

►  Alcohol can/bottle collections

►  Pets (other than fish in a 10 gallon tank or less)

►  Street signs or public signs


In addition, any other materials or items that can pose a danger to the campus community will also be confiscated and the owner subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Student Life. 



Eureka College upholds “quiet hours” on every residence hall floor on campus from 11pm until 7am. During this time, residents must keep music and all other noise to a minimum.  If the residents of a floor want to change these hours, they may elect to do so with a floor vote as long as 100% of the floor is in agreement of the change. Changes in quiet hours cannot take place the first 3 weeks of the semester. 


“Courtesy hours” exist 24 hours a day. Therefore, residents are welcome to ask each other to quiet down at any time if they feel someone on their floor is being disruptive. If a student fails to honor this request, a student should report this to their Resident Advisor and/or the Office of Student Life.  Repeated violations of quiet and/or courtesy hours will result in disciplinary action through the Office of Student Life.  Residence Life strictly enforces 24 hour quiet hours during final exams week each semester. 



Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted in any residence hall (or other building) on campus.  Students are permitted to smoke outside, but must be at least 15 feet from the building.  The use of any tobacco product is prohibited inside any building on the academic side of campus.  Smoking receptacles are located near most buildings on campus.


If there is any damage or vandalism done in the residence halls on campus and the College cannot identify responsible individuals, the College may require that all of the residents of that floor and/or building pay a prorated group charge to cover the cost of the damage.


More information on residential policies may be accessed through the  Eureka College Student Handbook  which is accessible on our website.

COVID-19 Addendum Policies



For the most updated information visit the Coronavirus page


What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

Resident Assistants (RA’s) are student members of the Residence Life Staff who live on the floors in the residence halls. An RA is assigned to each floor. This person is a student’s initial contact whenever there are questions or concerns. Our student to RA ratio is 19:1 which helps us to be very visible and accessible to residents. The RA is also responsible for building community, planning programs, explaining and enforcing policies, mediating roommate conflicts, handling concerns, and being a peer mentor to the residents on their floor.

What should I bring?

Are you wondering what to pack?  Please see our suggested Packing List assistance!  


Please keep in mind that the following items are not permitted in the residence halls on campus: air conditioners, space heaters (unless provided by the College or with prior approval from Residence Life), Foreman-Style grills, open coiled cooking instruments, toasters/toaster ovens, grills/propane tanks/lighter fluid, water beds, halogen lamps, BB guns, air guns, paintball guns, tattoo guns, hover boards, knives (larger than a pocket knife), alcohol/drug paraphernalia, alcohol can/bottle collections, pets (other than fish in a 10 gallon tank or less), or street signs/public signs. Students are also not allowed to burn candles or incense in their rooms.


Students are welcome to bring bikes, but are encouraged to bring a lock to secure it to one of several outdoor bike racks located throughout campus. Bikes are not permitted inside of the residence halls, unless they are kept inside of a student’s room.


Several outdoor grills are available on campus surrounding the residence halls and are available for student use at any time. Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies and cleaning up the area after they have finished.  There is also a fire pit on campus that can be reserved by Student Organizations by filling out a Fire Pit Policy and Reservation Form.  

Campus Mail

All residential students have a campus mailbox located in the Cerf Center.  Commuter students are offered a campus mailbox on a first come, first serve basis. Students are encouraged to check their mail at least once per day as faculty, staff, and students utilize campus mailboxes for distribution of notices of campus events, returning class work, and more.


All students have the same campus mailing address, but with a specific box # that they will receive after they move in. All mail can be addressed to:
Student’s Name
Eureka College
300 E. College Ave. Box #______
Eureka, IL 61530


If you have questions/concerns about mail or getting a mailbox, please contact Ardith Lanning, Bookstore/Mailroom Manager, at alanning@eureka.edu.  

Can I decorate my room?

Eureka College encourages students to decorate their rooms in order to help their residence hall feel more like home.  However, keep in mind that any furniture that comes in the room must stay in the room all year, with the exception of your mattress (which you may contact your Resident Advisor about storing if you need to bring a mattress from home due to allergies or other health reasons).  Residents are able to rent loft extensions for no charge, on a first come/first serve basis, if they would like a high loft in their room.  The Office of Student Life & Facilities Department take requests for these each summer.  Loft extensions can be rented for any building except for Langston Hall.  The College is not liable for any injury associated with slipping and/or falling out of a lofted bed. 


Residents are not permitted to paint their room at any time.  Adhesive that tends to damage the walls, such as duct tape, is not recommended as it could lead to a damage charge if paint is removed.  Command Strips or other 3M products, poster putty, or painters tape are recommended.  Students should also never put holes in their walls with nails or screws.  Any decorations (or other items) should never be hung on or next to the fire sprinkling equipment in the room or common area.  Items should also never block the AC/heating unit as that can affect the temperature in the room.  Alcohol can/bottle collections are also not permitted.    

Is storage available?

Eureka College does not offer storage space for residential students. Residents wishing to store belongings during the year or over the summer are encouraged to call a local storage facility in Eureka or the surrounding area.

Can I bring a car?

All residential students are welcome to bring a car to campus and register for a parking permit. Although many residential students may enjoy having a car on campus, it is not a necessity. All residential and commuter students wishing to bring a car must be sure to complete the online Parking Registration Form.  This form should be completed before the first day of class in order to avoid receiving a parking ticket. Residential students and commuter students each have designated parking lots that they must park in. More information about specific parking lots is given out after a student registers for their parking permit. There is not an additional charge to register for and receive a parking permit.  


If you have questions about campus parking, please contact the Eureka College Police Department at (309) 467-6408 or lmarion@eureka.edu.  

Upcoming Residence Life Dates to Remember
Spring 2021/Summer 2021

January 24th                   Residence Halls Open for Returning Residents @ 8am

January 24th                   Residence Halls Open for Incoming Residents @ 11am

January 29th                   Last day to change meal plan preference for Spring 2020

March 8th                       Summer Housing Information Available

March 12th                     Spring Break Weekend (Residence Halls Remain Open)

March 15th                     Fall Housing Information Available for Returning Students

March 31st                      Fall Housing Information Due for Returning Residential Students

April 2nd-5th                   Easter Break (Residence Halls Remain Open)

May 7th                           Deadline to Sign-Up for Summer Housing

May 15th                         Residence Halls Close @ 5pm for Summer

May 20th                         Students Move to Summer Housing

June 1st                           Last Day to Change Fall Housing Preferences and/or Request a Roommate

June 22-26th                   Fall Housing Assignments are Mailed out to all Residential Students


Fall 2021

August 14th                     Move-In Day

August 20th                     Last day to change meal plan preference for Fall 2021

Housing During Breaks

As you are making plans for the year, please be reminded that the residence halls close 3 times throughout the year. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the residence halls will be closed for:

  • Thanksgiving Break: Close at 5pm on Friday, November 17th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, November 26th 

  • Winter Break: Close at 5pm on Friday, December 8th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, January 14th

  • Spring Break: Close at 5pm on Friday, March 8th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, March 17th

Students needing to stay on campus during these breaks for a college related reason (athletics, on campus job, student teaching, internship, etc) may do so free of charge with prior approval. Others could be charged $10/night.


Alumni Court

Alumni CourtAlumni Court predominantly houses freshmen residents. Alumni Court has 4 wings (B, C, D, and E). Each wing has 2 small floors of 15 residents. Each floor has their own lounge area and community restroom. Alumni Court is co-ed by floor. It also houses the campus Learning Center (tutoring services) and the Harrod Lounge (large study area with computer and printer accessibility) which is available for student use 24 hours per day.  

Dorm ViewAlumni Court Dorm Room View


Founders Court

Founders COurtInside ViewRoom View


Founders Court predominantly houses freshmen residents. Founders Court includes Darst Hall, Deweese Hall, Ford Hall, and Myers Hall. Each hall has 2 small floors of 16 residents that share a small lounge area and community restroom. Founders Court is co-ed by floor. It is located next to Ben Major Hall, which houses a large lounge/social area with TV's, a pool table and ping pong table, soda/vending machines, and more. The basement of Ben Major houses the Undergrounds, a charity coffee house open weekend evenings, as well as a large laundry room. Ben Major is available 24 hours per day.


Langston Hall

Langston Hall





Langston Hall is a co-ed residence hall available for upperclass residents interested in suite style living.  There are typically a lot of transfer students housed in this building. Langston Hall is comprised of 3 floors, each housing between 20-26 residents. Langston Hall has all single rooms where each resident has their own room and sink with a shared shower and toilet between the two rooms. Each floor in Langston Hall has a large lounge area with a TV, study, and social space. The lobby area has a couple computers and a printer for student use.


Gunzenhauser Hall

Grunzenhauser Hall ExteriorGunzenhauser Hall InteriorGunzenhauser (Gunz) is a co-ed residence hall for upperclass residents.  Gunz offers suite style living in which a resident shares a room with a roommate and shares a bathroom with the two residents in the adjoining room.  Gunz is co-ed by suite.  Gunz is comprised of 3 small floors that each house between 9 and 16 residents.  Each floor has a lounge with a TV and the first floor lounge offers space for large group meetings or social activities, and is located next to a full kitchen area and soda machine. Gunz Hall also has a gas fireplace and computer/printer for student use.

Arnold Hall

Arnold Hall OutsideArnold Hall Dorm Room SuiteArnold Hall (formerly Ivy Hall) is a newer residence hall that opened in January 2012. The rooms in this building are the most spacious on campus. Arnold Hall is comprised of 5 wings that currently house all upperclass residents, including one of our Greek organizations. There are between 17 and 21 residents in each wing that collectively share a large community restroom. Each wing in Arnold Hall has a small study lounge plus a larger social lounge with a tv. Arnold Hall also has a media room on the upper level that has mediascape technology perfect for group project work, plus a printer for student use. The lower level offers a full kitchen, eating area, and additional lounge space.



All residents, regardless of the residence hall, are provided with a bed frame, mattress, chest, desk, bookcase, chair, and closet.  The furniture is all moveable (with the exception of the closets in some halls) and residents can arrange the room any way they wish.  However, no furniture may be removed from the room.  The beds can be bunked, low lofted (comes in all rooms), or high lofted (limited quantities) in all buildings except Langston Hall.  Each room has Ethernet access and high speed wi-fi.  Landline phone access is available in lounge areas only.  Residence halls with community bathrooms offer lockers in the bathroom for student use to store toiletries. Residents are welcome to bring a padlock to use on a locker if they so choose.

HIGH LOFT/BUNK BED REQUESTS:  Low lofts come in all rooms in every building except for Langston Hall.  Low lofts are waist-high and have sufficient room for storage underneath.  If you choose to rent a high loft (free of charge on a first come, first serve basis), please fill out the High Loft Bunk Bed Request form.  

Please note that most students prefer the low lofts; high lofts can be uncomfortable to sleep in and are only needed if you are bringing more than average to your room.  

Room Dimensions:

Alumni Court (B,C,D,E) – 14’11”X 10’11” (window dimensions (1) – 30”W X 60”L)
Founders Court (Darst, DeWeese, Ford, Myers) – 14’7”X 11’7” (window dimensions (2)–34”W X 65”L)
Langston Hall – 12’11”X 9’9” (window dimensions (1) – 34.5”W X 58.25”L)
Gunz Hall – 14’9”X 11’9” (window dimensions (2) – 57”W X 54.5”L)
Arnold Hall – 14’X 18’ (window dimensions (1) – 64”W X 56”L)


Eureka College has 5 Greek organizations; 3 of which live in campus-owned housing and 2 of which own their own house. Greek organizations who live in campus-owned housing include Phi Omega, Delta Delta Pi, and Delta Zeta. Residential students who choose to join a Greek organization are required to live with their designated Greek organization beginning the fall semester following their initiation (with the exception of TKE and LCA members who can opt to live in campus-owned housing instead, if desired). Lambda Chi Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon own their own house but are both located just on the edge of campus.

Lambda Chi Alpha

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha live at 611 South Vennum Street which is located a half block from campus. The home was designed and constructed by the Alumni Board of LCA, which owns the building. Members of LCA are still on the College’s meal plan and use on campus laundry facilities (free of charge to LCA residents). They also still have a Resident Advisor employed by the College. As long as space is available, members are able to have a single room with no additional charge. The men have access to a large lounge area and kitchen on the first floor, a large deck, and a new patio area with gas grills in the backyard.

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon live at 700 Reagan Drive which is located just across the parking lot from Eureka College’s athletic facilities. The men of TKE own their own house, but members of the house are still on the College’s meal plan and use on campus laundry facilities (free of charge to TKE residents). They also still have a Resident Advisor employed by the College. As long as space is available, members are able to have a single room with no additional charge. The house consists of two floors that hold 16 rooms, 2 community restrooms, a large lounge, and an additional floor with a full basement. The house also offers a deck and a large front and backyard.