Alumni Awards

Eureka College 2024 Alumni Award Nominations


EUREKA, Ill. – The Alumni Awards are presented annually during the fall homecoming celebration. Recipients have the opportunity to accept their awards in front of family, friends and other alumni at our annual Alumni Awards Celebration that will be held Friday, October 4 in the Terrill rooms of the Cerf Center. 


Each year, the Alumni Board and Board of Trustees of Eureka College recognize the successes, professional accomplishments, and heartfelt support of our alma mater by special individuals within our community.

These individuals receive recognition for their accomplishments and support of their alma mater during a special celebration at homecoming. Nominations for alumni awards are welcomed by any member of the campus and greater community and can be submitted for consideration by filling out the form below. You may nominate yourself or any worthy person as set in the guidelines for each award.

  • The Outstanding New Alumni Award exists to recognize excellence in one’s profession or service to his or her community within 15 years of graduation. Generally, a female and male alumnus/a are recognized each year.
  • The Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award exists to recognize alumni of Eureka College for a single or multiple acts of outstanding achievement in their profession, or in service to his or her community, or for a sustained period of outstanding achievement at least 16 years from graduation.
  • The Alumni Award of Merit exists to recognize lifetime excellence in one’s profession or service to his or her community. Up to four Awards of Merit may be given in a calendar year, and an alum may only receive this award once in their lifetime.
  • The Eureka College Honorary Alumnus/Alumna Award recognizes a non-student who has provided great effort in the advancement of Eureka College, its students and/or mission. Individuals for this award are nominated by the Alumni Office and Board and granted by the Board of Trustees.
  • The Alumni Board President’s Award for Service recognizes dedication of one’s time and effort to the advancement of the college. It may be awarded to an individual, including, but not limited to, alumni of Eureka College. Individuals for this award are nominated by the Alumni Office and granted by the Alumni Board.
  • Fine Arts Hall of Honor Award recognizes those individuals who have distinguished themselves as a performer, technician, artist, educator, arts administrator and supporter of arts.

Alumni Award Nomination Form

Fill out the information to the best of your ability. Open spaces do not jeopardize the nomination. Upon receipt of this form, the nominee will be sent a letter asking to submit a résumé and outline their accomplishments. When he or she responds, their nomination will remain active until they no longer qualify.

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Past award recipients
The awards listed here are intended to recognize those who excel in each award’s specific area.
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Year Honorary Alumni Award of Merit Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Alumni Board President's Award for Service
2023 Mike Mangold Cortney Foster '00 Caitlin Anderson '19 William Wind '93 Jodi Slingsby & Mike Girton
2022 Will Ball; Telly Wright; John Morris Eileen Setti '93 Gordon Barkley III '10; Douglas Collins '13 Joel Shoemaker '06; Susan Miceli-Green '04 Jodi Slingsby & Mike Girton
2020 Laury Patwardhan; Richard Renner; Sonny & Doris Hillhouse Don Pioletti '70 Reggie Sey '13 Debra Davis Moody ’75 Jodi Slingsby & Mike Girton
2019 Tino Colorado & Michael Reagan John Ripka '55 Travis Wilcoxen '05 Lance "Tony" Byerly '89 Jane Hamilton Cahill '77
2018 Anne Fox & Bonnie Darnall Chuck Germann '68 Jesse Helton '02 Janelle Reents '92 Craig Gerdes 71'
2017 Dr. Paul Small & Wayne Baum Dan Harrod '67 Mark Rutledge '06 Tom Cassidy '80 Barb Arganbright Wickness '73
2016 Flo Banwart & Dr. Mike Toliver Dave Adams '66 Siji Moore '06 Greg Henry '90 Dr. Loren '58 & Mary Logsdon (Hon. '03)
2015 Wes Phelan & Carolyn Shepherd Bill King '70 Elaine Flores Welch '00 Rodney Gould '87 Ernie and Barb Potter '65
2014 Dave Windley Dr. Steve Hathway '63 Anna Freidinger Palmer '07 Robert Gold '94 Charles and Florence Coffman '51