Multimedia Services
All requests for equipment and services must be made at least 24 hours in advance!


Faculty and staff are now able to make an event booking and requests in Midas.

Follow this guide to making event bookings in Midas.

Email Media Support with your questions.


  • Data/video projectors/computer/VCR
  • TV/VCR carts
  • Camcorders and tripods
  • Remote sound system setups
  • Overhead projectors
  • Slide projectors
  • Carts and cords of all types for all equipment needs
  • Portable screens
  • Opaque overhead projector
  • Cassette tape recorders
  • 16 mm film projectors
  • Tape mastering, dubbing, and duplication of audio and video tapes.
  • Video production & editing for college projects only.
  • Operator for equipment: 16mm film projectors and camcorders.
  • Film and video rentals from other institutions per requests from instructors.
  • Instruction in all equipment by appointment: individual or group instruction.
  • Repair of all equipment owned by Eureka College.
  • Room setups for general or Multimedia use.
  • Lamination.