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The educational mission of the Communication major and minor is to empower students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop meaningful relationships on an interpersonal, professional, and public level. The Communication program enables students to learn appropriate and effective communication strategies that appreciate diverse perspectives and cultures and provides ample opportunities to practice communicating in various contexts in an evolving world. The Communication major offers both a human and a strategic track.


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Through This Program Students Will Be Able To:

  • Understand how communication plays a central role in their personal, professional, and social lives.
  • Effectively communicate in both oral and written contexts.
  • Understand how communication can aid in the creation of a more civil and humane world.
  • Discuss and assess significant issues in the discipline of communication.
  • Evaluate and apply communication research and theories to their personal, professional, and social lives.
  • Develop awareness beyond ethnocentrism through the study of communication from diverse cultures.
Internship Opportunities
ALSAC/St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Bix Basement Systems
Media Relations Coordinator
Melick Library
State Farm
Woodford County Heartline/Hearthouse
Youth For Christ
WGLT Public Radio
Epic Games
Pantagraph Media
Communication Majors Can Fill a Wide Range of Positions
Advertising Executive
Broadcast Engineer
Digital Content Producer
Event Planner
Fashion Designer
Health Communications Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Radio/podcast host
Social Media Director
Sports Media Professional
Technical Writer
Video/Audio Producer
Multimedia Journalist
Small Business Owner
Communication majors may have these qualities or skills:
Binge Watchers
Global Citizens
Digital Influencers
Pop Culture Fans
News Junkies
Sports Fans

Staff Contacts

Cory Geraths

Assistant Professor of Communication (309) 467-6879

Burrus Dickinson Hall
Third Floor Suite, Office #1

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Phillip Duncan

Assistant Professor of Communication (309) 467-6337

Burrus Dickinson Hall
Third Floor Suite, Office #2

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