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What to Expect in Elementary Education

  • Coursework as early as the Freshman year provides opportunities to begin observations in the field.

  • Fieldwork at the Sophomore level allows for one-on-one time with a student implementing Response to Intervention strategies.

  • Fieldwork at the Junior/Senior level provides opportunities in grades 1-6 learning settings. Candidate choice is present through varied grade levels and diverse settings.

  • Junior and Senior level field placements are evaluated through the Danielson Framework, a common evaluation tool for practicing teachers.

  • Senior level field placement is completed through a year-long internship model. This strengthens the collaboration and partnership between candidate and cooperating teacher.

  • Education Seminar during Student Teaching placement allows candidates to learn about critical educational topics, gain interviewing skills, and garner peer mentoring and support.

  • Program Directors maintain continuous connections with administrators and accomplished teachers to create high-quality field placements.


After four years, students can graduate, be licensed to teach in the elementary teaching setting, grades 1-6.


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Our coursework provides opportunities to utilize the specific, evidence-based instructional practices needed for success across our Five Core Components of the Teacher Education Conceptual Framework:

  • Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Content Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Teaching Strategies
Fieldwork in 1-6 Grade Settings
Fieldwork in Response Intervention
Year-Long Senior level Field Placement
Based on Teaching License
Elementary Education 1-6
Qualities of a Good Teacher
Communication Skills
Lifelong Learner
Listening Skills
Problem Solver

Staff Contacts

Janelle Dies

Associate Professor - Education (309) 467-6458

Burklund 203

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“Eureka College Teacher Education Program has given me authentic, hands-on, and organized opportunities to engage in the classroom settings. These experiences have given me the knowledge and confidence to become a successful teacher. I can't thank this program enough for that.”"

Field Experience from the Eyes of an Alumni


Eureka College graduates are employed or in graduate programs within six months of graduation.