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Although certain courses are recommended for students preparing to go on to law school after graduation from Eureka, there is no one prescribed major. Law schools are seeking students who perform well on the Law School Admission Test (normally taken in the summer between the junior and senior years) and who have an excellent record in their undergraduate program regardless of their specific major.


To assure that Pre-Law students are guided in their programs, advisors work closely with them in discussing potential majors and selection of other courses, and assist them in knowing how to prepare for the LSAT. Students who wish to major in History and Political Science may choose the Political Science track with Pre-Law emphasis, which will appear on the student’s transcript.

Staff Contacts

Dr. David Eisenberg

Pre-Law Contact (309) 467-6409

Burgess Hall – Room 201B
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530