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Dive into the world of human behavior with our psychology courses. Gain a broad understanding of diverse psychological concepts and methods. Discover the 'why' behind actions and emotions, fostering a deeper comprehension of human complexity.


The major in Psychology and Counseling 3+2 opens doors. It's designed for those aiming for careers in counseling, social welfare, and various therapeutic or clinical roles. Whether your goal is private/public counseling, school psychology, vocational guidance, or other clinical occupations, we've got you covered. This degree doesn't just teach; it prepares you for real-world application.


Our 3+2 program is a streamlined path to a Master’s degree in just five years! More than just a fast track, it's a comprehensive preparation for licensure exams, under the banner of a CACREP-accredited program.


In partnership with LaGrange College near Atlanta, GA, we offer flexibility. Their online Master's program allows you to study from any location, making your learning experience convenient and adaptable.


The program starts with three years at Eureka College, then moves to LaGrange College for those who are accepted into their Master's program. After completing the fourth year, students earn a B.S. degree in Psychology and Counseling from Eureka College. This isn't just an education; it's a step towards a fulfilling career. Join us to set your future in motion.

Career Opportunities
Private or Public Counseling
Social Worker
School Psychologist
Vocational Guidance Counselor
Skills and personal qualities for student success
Empathy - understanding of the feelings of others
Strong Communication Skills - able to express ideas clearly, write detailed reports
Active Listening - fully concentrate, understand, remember, and respond to what is being said
Critical Thinking - able to assess, analyze, and interpret complex information to make informed decisions
Problem-Solving Abilities - Help others navigate and overcome issues
Adaptability - adapt to different clients and situations
Patience & Resilience - ability to persevere in emotional or difficult situations
Ethical Awareness - work with private, sensitive information and stay confidential
Research Skills - like to stay updated on latest theories or trends
Time Management - balancing of competing priorities

Staff Contacts

Dr. Alexander Swan

Associate Professor - Psychology (309) 467-6418

Burgess 106B

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Dr. Marygrace Kaiser

Associate Professor - Psychology (309) 467-6400

Burgess 202D

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