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The student entering one of the pre-professional areas will usually major in Biology or Chemistry. However, a student from any major may be accepted as long as he/she has the specific prerequisite courses for the professional school and successful performance on the professional admissions test in his/her area. Most medical, dental, and veterinary schools require two years of chemistry, one year of biology, one year of physics, and psychology including at least PSY101; some require mathematics through Calculus II. These requirements can be fulfilled by completing:


BIO141, CHM220, MAT271, BIO142, CHM221, PHY220, CHM131, CHM321, PHY230, CHM132, MAT171, PSY101. Professional schools may have additional requirements in biology, chemistry, or the social sciences. Students are encouraged to consult specific professional schools early and tailor their course of study accordingly. Most of these courses should be completed by the second semester of the junior year in order to be properly prepared for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) or DAT in the case of Dentistry. Pre-Physician Assistant students should include as many mentoring, observing, or shadowing hours as possible.

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