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Biology is the scientific study of the living world. Emphasis is on integrated concepts showing the effect of biological knowledge on all areas of human endeavor. 


Educational Focus

  • Cellular Metabolism
  • Cellular Structure
  • Heredity
  • Development
  • Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Behavior
These are just a few internship possibilities:
Chillicothe Veterinary Clinic
Fairbury Veterinary Clinic
TeeGarden Veterinary Clinic
Miller Park Zoo
Peoria Zoo
USDA Agriculture Lab
University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria
A Bachelor's in Biology Opens Career Doors
Environmental Attorney: additional credentials required
Environmental Scientist
Forensic Scientist
Human Biologist
Nurse Practitioner: Graduate work required
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Veterinarian (additional credentials required)
Biology is a good fit for those with:
Ability to assess data
Analytical Skills
Enjoy working with living things
Good Observational Skills
Leadership skills

Staff Contacts

Dr. Small was an exceptional mentor for preparing me in theory and study habits toward the matriculation of doctorate and post-doctoral studies. Dr. Toliver was an incredible mentor in the development of my thought processes of science and communication. The athletic coaches at Eureka were also incredible, as they all dedicated countless hours to help mold many of the qualities that now allow me to lead my team in my private practice. Eureka was the perfect decision for me! Small class sizes allowed for focused studies. It provided lifelong mentors, friends, and family!"

Gordon Barkley III ‘10 Biology & Chemistry Endodontist, Barkley Endodontics Peoria, IL

“The classroom sizes allowed for one on one learning which was extremely helpful in setting one up for success. When you combine that with the hands-on experience in labs as well as the research that goes into assignments, the sky becomes the limit. As a student who was able to pursue further education in Veterinary Medicine, I can honestly say the overall education and experience I received allowed me to be put in the position to achieve my future dreams.”"


“I am so thankful for the relationships I was able to form at Eureka. Having more intimate classes helped me to find fellow pre-veterinary students for support and to grow strong relationships with my professors. These relationships are priceless and have been the major culprit in guiding me to success. I can’t imagine how lost I would be without those who have helped me at Eureka College.”"

current student

"The Pre-med program has done an amazing job to prepare me for medical school by having me take classes and partake in a multitude of hands on experiences that have helped me better understand the material I am currently covering and have prepared me to ask questions and be a critical thinker who can make connections between courses which is vital for success.""

Elizabeth Wicker, first year medical student


Biology related jobs are projected to grow 10% through 2029.


of Eureka College Biology graduates who apply to veterinarian school are accepted.


National average annual earnings of biology graduates.