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Clinical Laboratory Science

Clinical Laboratory Science is a 3+1 program conducted in cooperation with OSF School of Clinical Laboratory Science in Peoria, Illinois.  This program is designed to develop competent professionals who are skilled in both theory and the practice of laboratory procedures.  Providing the backdrop for the clinical experience that makes up the final year of the program is a highly automated clinical laboratory, where a wide variety of routine and specialty test procedures are performed daily.


Students spend 3 years studying at Eureka College and, if accepted by the OSF School of Clinical Laboratory Science, will continue studies there during the senior year. Upon successful completion of the fourth year, the student will be awarded a B.S. with a major in Clinical Laboratory Science from Eureka College.


A Eureka College student must successfully complete all general requirements and those for a major in Clinical Laboratory Science at Eureka College and must accumulate 88 semester hours of credit prior to the final year. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the bachelor’s degree from Eureka College during the fall semester of the student’s year at OSF School of Clinical Laboratory Science. 


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Clinical Laboratory Science Program Contact

Dr. Paul Small
Sanders Hall Room 101
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530