Meet the Board of Trustees

Lorenzo J. Modeste ’85

Lorenzo J. Modeste ’85


Contact Details

BS, Eureka College (1985)
DDS, Meharry Medical College (1991)

Williamsburg, VA

Dr. Modeste has the unique experience of being from a multi-cultural background so he is intrigued with world culture and music. His Spanish father and African-American mother have allowed him to experience the world filled with its various cultures and rhythms. He has traveled to over 40 countries and is particularly proud of his dental missions. To him the essence of one’ s life is to honor and serve others thru your life’ s experiences. Heenjoys reading and one of his favorite writers is Neale Walsh. This quote truly summarizes his thoughts about his life, “it is this for which every soul yearns. It is this that is the ultimate purpose of all of life. You are on a journey to mastery, returning to oneness, that you may know the wonder and the glory of GOD in your own soul, express it through you, as you. In a thousand ways over a million moments in countless lifetimes that reach to eternity”!!Dr. Modeste is the proud father of two sons.

Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer dentist, Old Town medical/dental center
  • Volunteer dentist, Mission of Mercy projects, State of Virginia
  • Mentor partnership with Hampton university with students that seek a career in dentistry
  • Participant, Donated Dental Services of Virginia, helps low income patients

Professional Activities:

  • President, Norman-Lassiter Dental Society
  • Vice President, Old Dominion Dental Society
  • Advisory Board member, Thomas Nelson School of Dental Hygiene
  • Advisory Board member, Medical Careers Institute dental program
  • Advisory Board member, Old Town Medical/Dental Clinic
  • Member, National Dental Association

Uniquely Eureka Experience:

“When you ask most people, ‘ What drew you to eureka?’ the overwhelming response is its small size and small student/teacher ratio. But there are other schools that market that same concept. What sets Eureka apart from other schools is rooted in its ability to create individual and personal growth for students. To create an environment whereby students can experience who they truly are and foster this creativity to become leaders. When I graduated from high school I needed that time to discover who I was, what I needed from this world, and what the world expected from me. Eureka College told me what they expected from me and they truly created a vision of “real expectations” that the world demands upon all of us. When I started dental school, I felt well prepared for my continued journey in life. Eureka reminds me of that family member that has always believed in your potential, your dreams and passions. They always knew that you would succeed, you just needed some direction and guidance. Eureka has truly inspired me to fulfill my personal growth and the value of my Eureka Experience is so much more meaningful to me as I have matured. Thank you Eureka!!!!!!”