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Scott Hemmenway

Scott Hemmenway

Professor - Philosophy

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PhD, Philosophy, Penn State University, 1989
MA, Philosophy, Penn State University, 1985
BA, Philosophy, Wesleyan University, 1978


Burrus Dickinson 301

Research Interests:

Selected publication: “The Deluge Myth in Plato’s Laws: Philosophical Music and Intoxicant.” In Writing the Poetic Soul of Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Michael Davisedited by Denise Schaeffer, St. Augustine’s Press, forthcoming.

“The Techne-Analogy in Socrates’ Healthy City: Justice and the Craftsman in the Republic.”
Ancient Philosophy 19 (2000): 267-284

“Sophistry Exposed:Socrates on the Unity of Virtue in the Protagoras.”
Ancient Philosophy16 (1996): 1-23

“Pedagogy in the Myth of Plato’s Statesman: Body and Soul in Relation to Philosophy and Politics.”
History of Philosophy Quarterly 11 (July 1994): 253-268.

“Philosophical Apology in the Theaetetus.”
Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy17 (Spring 1990): 323-346

Teaching Interests:

Ancient Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy
Theory of Knowledge Metaphysics Political Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy Ancient Greek

Professional Activity:

Selected papers presented:
“Timaeus’ Speech as a Prologue to Plato’s Myth of Atlantis: A Dramatic Approach to Timaeus as Philosopher,” Ancient Philosophy Society Annual Meeting, Notre Dame, April 2013

“The Myth of the Flood in Plato’s Laws: Philosophical Music and Intoxicant,” Philosophy and Religious Studies Department, Bradley University, November, 2011 (also to the Society for Greek Political Thought, Northeast Political Science Meeting, Boston 2004)

“What is a Liberal Arts Education? A Platonic Perspective.”
Dean’s Lecture, Eureka College, March 2009

Community Engagement:

Uniquely Eureka Experience: Small class size
Opportunity to work with highly qualified faculty.


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