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The mission of the Office of Student Life supports Eureka College’s mission of excellence in learning, service, and leadership by providing co-curricular educational opportunities for the student body. Through working in collaboration with various campus departments, we provide services, support, and programs which positively impact retention and create environments and experiences that support diversity and the ideals on which Eureka was founded. The Student Life department works with students to achieve the desired outcomes of individual growth, leadership development, civic engagement, and academic, personal, and professional success.

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At Eureka, education is a total experience of living and learning.

The Eureka College community provides quality growth experiences which enhance the development of the student. Many activities outside the classroom are available at Eureka, and students are encouraged to participate in whatever interests them.
Eureka College assumes the mature and responsible citizenship of its students, which we believe is best realized through personal freedom of everyone, as well as the community building efforts of students, faculty and staff.
General regulations governing student life are found in the Student Handbook. Enrollment at Eureka College is considered an implicit declaration of acceptance on the part of the student of College regulations, both academic and social. College regulations support local, state and Federal laws and follow the Drug-Free Community and Schools Act of 1989, the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, and the Campus Security Act of 1990.