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The Department of Philosophy and Religion offers both a major and a minor, and a Pre-Seminary track. A concentration in Philosophy provides students with a broad understanding of Western thought, detailed knowledge of moral and theoretical issues in this tradition, and training in critical and analytical thinking skills. A concentration in Religion provides students with an introduction to the world’s major religions and in-depth seminars on the Bible and the history of Christian thought. In different ways, each concentration introduces students to the most profound and universal questions humans have asked and to their most thoughtful and enduring answers.

Students who major in Philosophy and Religion develop the ability to critically think about and analyze information, as well as to clearly articulate complex concepts in writing and in speech by breaking them down to their base components.

They understand ethical reasoning and have a developed sense of self, community, and spirituality, as well as a well-developed understanding of other cultures.

Choose Philosophy or Religion:

  • Western Moral Thought
  • Western Theoretical Issues
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Major Religions
  • Bible
  • History of Christian Thought
Careers for this major:
Assistant Professor/Professor
Legal Assistant
Human Resources
Project Coordinator
Data Analyst
Content Writer
Students with these characteristics major in Philosophy and Religion:
History Lover
Good Communicator
Strong Writing Skills

Staff Contacts

Dr. Joseph W. Cunningham

Associate Professor - Religion (309) 467-6331

Burrus Dickinson 301

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“I chose this program because of how applicable and complementary philosophy and religion are to other disciplines. I enjoy learning about philosophy and religion in general, but being able to apply what I’ve learned into other fields has been truly rewarding, and opens up so much potential for me in my future.”"

Sarah Zuniga, Class of 2018