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Psychology/Occupational Therapy is a 3+2 program conducted in cooperation with Washington University School of Medicine (Program in Occupational Therapy) in St. Louis, Missouri. This program prepares students for careers in hospital settings, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc., assisting physicians and other types of therapists to train and rehabilitate individuals with physical defects, injuries, and other health problems.


Students spend 3 years studying at Eureka College and, if accepted by Washington University, will continue studies there. Upon successful completion of the fourth year, the student will be awarded a B.S. with a major in Psychology / Occupational Therapy from Eureka College. Upon completion of the fifth year of study, the student will be awarded an M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Washington University School of Medicine.


A Eureka College student must successfully complete all general requirements and those for a major in Psychology/Occupational Therapy at Eureka College and must accumulate 92 semester hours of credit. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the bachelor’s degree from Eureka College during the fall semester of the student’s first year at Washington University.

Staff Contacts

Dr. Alexander Swan

Associate Professor - Psychology (309) 467-6418

Burgess 106B

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