Q&A With Assistant Dean of Admissions/Transfer Coordinator Chris Robinson

Feb 01 2018

By Jack Cascone

Chris Robinson serves Eureka College as the Assistant Dean of Admissions and the Transfer Coordinator. I caught up with Chris and we discussed his journey as a non-traditional transfer student and his job which helps transfer students find a home at Eureka College.

What was your experience as a student, specifically as a non-traditional student?

My college experience was very unique. It spanned about 22 years, five different colleges & universities, and two states. This experience shaped who I am today and I would not change it for anything. Well, I might take take back some of the tuition dollars I spent bouncing from school to school before finding Eureka College, but other than that, I would not change a thing.

Once I made it to Eureka, things really started to take shape for me. I found a place which was going to allow me to have a voice in the classroom. Professors who made sure I was going to be an active participant in my education. Not a passive observer. I found a college which was going to provide an infinite number of opportunities for me to get involved socially, academically and with hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom. Most importantly, as a non-traditional, 38 year old student, I found a college who saw me as a student.

What makes your job as the transfer coordinator unique?

I have the opportunity to work with students from many different walks of life. It’s not like I did not have the opportunity to do that as a freshman counselor, but as a transfer coordinator I get to encounter students in various of stages of their lives as well. Everyone from the traditional transfer after two years at a community college and someone like me: 38, married, two children, working full-time and still not sure what they want to be when they grow up. I have been in many of those situations myself and am able to share my experiences. My ultimate goal is to see everyone graduate, and the first step in the process if finding their college home.

What is was one piece of advice that you would give to transfer/non-traditional students?

Don’t short change yourself on the college search. I did this to myself — remember, five schools, two states and 22 years! In many cases I have encountered students, me included, who are in a hurry to get their degree wrapped up and figure any school can make that happen for them. A transfer student, particularly a non-traditional transfer student, will potentially have more unique needs than that of a traditional freshman. A transfer student owes it to themselves to do a thorough college search. One which will allow them to find a place which will address their unique needs and support them socially and academically. A transfer student needs to find their college home.

If you are a student that is interested in transferring to Eureka College, you can contact Chris at crobinson@eureka.edu or at 309-467-6344. You can also visit this link which will answer questions that are specific to transfer students.

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