EC scores high marks for community service from national college guide

Nov 06 2013

Washington Monthly 2013 College Guide rankings

Eureka College ranks in the top 50 baccalaureate colleges and universities in the nation for its contribution to the public good, according to a recently released national college guide.

The Washington Monthly 2013 College Guide and Rankings released in September assesses what colleges are doing for the public good in the United States. The guide is published by Washington Monthly, a Washington, D.C.-based publication covering politics, government, culture and the media.

The guide rates schools based on three categories: Service, which is encouraging students to give something back to their country; Social Mobility, which is recruiting and graduating low-income students; and Research, which is producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs.

Overall, Eureka College ranks 42nd out of 350 private colleges and public universities in the national baccalaureate college category.


In the Service metric, Eureka College ranks 25th for the percentage of federal work-study funds that go toward community service (33%). EC ranks 49th for the number of students participating in community service and the total number of service hours performed, both relative to school size. The college ranks 50th on a combined measure of the number of staff supporting community service, relative to the total staff size; the number of academic courses that incorporate service, relative to school size; and whether the institution provides scholarships for community service.

“Our student community as a whole actively participates in service activities, as more than 5,000 hours of community services were documented during the 2012-2013 academic year,” said Director of Applied Learning Shari Rich.

One example of EC’s commitment to service and service-learning, Shari said, happens during Welcome Week, when all new students are actively engaged in service projects as part of the orientation program and further as part of their First Year Seminar Course.


In the Social Mobility metric, Eureka College ranks 70th on how well the college performs as an engine of social mobility, that is recruiting and graduating low-income students. That figure is based partly on the number of students who receive Pell Grants (51%), the rate of graduation (65%) and the average cost for first-time, full-time students after need-based financial aid ($16,221).

In the Research metric, Eureka College ranks 107th, based partly on the number of bachelor’s degree recipients who go on to receive PhDs, relative to school size.

“On the heels of the 2013 National Survey of Student Engagement data in which EC was well-positioned nationally, the Washington Monthly ranking is an additional point of pride for our campus community,” said Provost Philip Acree Cavalier. “This quantitative assessment validates how well the ethos of our institution is integrated into the student experience and conveyed to the broader community.”